Wednesday, 17 June 2015

QuickMax: Lash Serum Review | Perfect Fixations

Hello darlings.

I was contacted a couple months back asking if i would be interested in review a lash growth serum, and for those who have been following me for a while know i hate my short stubby lashes and would be willing to try anything to make them grow. I've had QuickMax for a few months but due to exams i haven't had much time to review it, but now i finally have for you my thoughts.  I apologise now in advance for the scary up close pictures of my eyes, it was just the only way i could demonstrate
I hope you enjoy :)
My eyelashes before: Normal
Lashes before with one coat of mascara (MaxFactor's 2000 calorie) 
My lashes one month later: No mascara
My lashes one month later: With one with one coat of mascara (MaxFactor's 2000 calorie) 
I've been using QuickMax for about a month now, you apply a thin line to your upper lashes once a day before you go to bed, so that it can work while you sleep, which i think its great as its quick and easy especially if you don't have much time. Its an eyeliner type applicator which makes it easy to apply, the serum dries fast, perfect for if you are in a rush. Theres no scent, which i like so you can't smell it while you're trying to sleep, it doesn't irritate or sting my eyes. But when it comes to the change in my eyelashes, honestly, theres not much change but you can judge for yourself. I feel my eyelashes haven't grown much, there is a little more volume, especially the bottom lashes and my eyelashes do feel softer, but not as much growth as i was hoping. 

The price? Its pretty pricey £49.00
 I'm definitely going to continue using this product in till it runs out but i don't think i'd repurchase as its quite pricey and i don't think its does enough to justify it. 
You can purchase it here

I'd love to know have you tried this product? 
Did it work for you?
Would you try it? 


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  1. Oh wow that is expensive but it looked really good on you :) Might have to save up to try it though ;)

    Meme xx

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