Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Skincare Routine: Winter 2015 | Perfect Fixations

Hello darlings

Today i for you my updated skin care routine. These are the current products i am using during the Winter months, i tend to switch them up depending on the season as my skin does change quite drastically! I use most of these at night as i have very little time in the morning. Also i don't use all these products every day but at least a few times a week so they are my regular routine. 
I hope you enjoy :)

Cleansing: First product i use is the The Body Shop Foaming Cleanser, i just love the smell so much, i'm becoming a massive fan of tee tree and i'm really enjoying this. Its a foaming cleanser, i've had never tried one before. Its not thick and creamy as i'm use to with my other cleansers but it does leave me face feeling clean and fresh. The other cleanser i've been loving is the Simple Deep Cleansing Mask, i only use this once a week as a mask which i leave on for about 6-7 minutes.

Exfoliating: The exfoliator i'm using at the moment is the one you've heard me rave about! Its the Superdrug's Tee Tree Scrub. (reviewFor an exfoliator its not too rough, but still enough to feel like its doing something, which i really like. It leaves you face feeling fresh and minty. To be honest it leaves the whole room smelling very minty! 

Facial Wash: This is one of the two products i use in the morning. The Superdrug's Lemon Facial Wash i love the scent of this face wash, its gorgeous! I find it really light and refreshing and is the perfect thing to wake me up in the morning. 

Day cream/moisturizer: Next up is moisturizer, the one i'm enjoying using is the Nivea Day Cream, this is a really thick cream that i have been using at night, (even with my dry skin its still too heavy to wear during the day. I find its really helping my dry skin, i put on a thick layer before bed and my skin feels so nice in the morning!

Eye Serum/cream: I got this little sample in my No7 advent calendar, (You check out my opening here) i've never really use eye creams before as i'm still quite young and it s never really a thing i've worried about. But as i got it in the calendar i thought i'd give this a go. So far i really like it, not too much difference in the skin but it does feel a lot softer and i figured i'm going to have this skin for life so i better start taking care of it now :)

Primer/moisturizer: The last product i use in my routine is the Nivea Express Hydration Primer in the morning as my moisturizers/primer. I find its great for keeping my makeup on and moisturizing my skin in the season. So its a great two in one product that i highly recommend.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I'd love to know what products are you using in you winter skincare routine?



  1. The Body shop's tea tree cleanser is great isn't it! I have the Simple one at home too and they work a treat :D

    1. I'm so happy someone else likes them too. They really do!

  2. I love Simple and Nivea's stuff, so I'm glad you use them too!

    Anything & Everything

  3. I remember trying a sample of the Nivea moisturiser/primer and being really impressed - thanks for reminding me about it! :)

    Style Sunrise ☀


  4. I've heard wonderful things about TBS tea tree range! Just wondering though if it dries your skin out? I used to use the toner from lush and my skin definitely built up an immunity to it!! Thanks for sharing :) xxxx

    1. I don't use it everyday, i don't think its as heavy as some of the tee tree products. But i really like it :D You're welcome :)

  5. My favourite brand is simple. I might try and try some of these brands! Thanks for the recomnendations x

  6. I need to ex foliate more! Just need to find one that doesn't rip my skin to shreds, I have really delicate dry skin.

    Meme xx (Hope to see you around my blog <3)

    1. Me too thats why i like the Superdrug one, its not too rough! :)