Monday, 9 April 2018

The £5 foundation // Makeup Revolution // Fast Base

Hello darlings.

Makeup Revolution have done it again, they have brought out another 'break the internet' product and i'm so happy to have finally got my hands on it. I know they launched Fast Base Stick Foundation online about a month ago but i wanted to swatch the shades in store before i purchased one, so i waited till they were stocked in Superdrug. I'm not gonna lie ive not tried a stick foundation before, so i don't have any to compare it to. I have dry skin so i wasn't sure how this was gonna sit on my skin, but for £5 i thought why not give it a chance! I have it in the shade F1 which is the lightest, so here are my thoughts!

What it claims: 
Foundation just got faster! Launching in 18 shades and a range of undertones, Fast Base Foundation quickly perfects, contours and highlights your complexion. The easy-to-apply stick formula melts into skin, blending seamlessly to leave a fresh and dewy finish. Twist up, swipe on and blend out with fingers, a beauty sponge or your favourite foundation brush.
Packaging: Its a simple pale nude tube, when you take the lid off the tube underneath is gold which is very pretty. You get 6g of product which i think is a good amount for £5, but as i mentioned i don't own any other stick foundation to compare it to. But googling it the Anastasia Beverly Hill Stick Foundation has 9.1g for £25 so 6g for £5 is really good.

Shades: So far there are 18 shades, which is pretty impressive, i have F1. I know they've launched more shades for the concealer so i wouldn't be surprised if they launch more for the foundation sticks. In the description on their website it describes each shade to you so its really easy to find a shade that matches you, really useful!
F1 – For fair skin tones with neutral undertone 
F2 – For fair skin tones with yellow undertone 
F3 – For fair skin tones with pink undertone 
F4 – For light skin tones with neutral undertone 
F5 – For light skin tones with pink undertone 
F6 – For light/medium skin tones with yellow undertone 
F7 – For medium skin tones with peach undertone 
F8 – For medium skin tones with yellow undertone 
F9 – For medium skin tones with a peach undertone 
F10- For medium skin tones with a golden undertone 
F11 – For medium/dark skin tones with a beige undertone 
F12 – For medium/dark skin tones with a neutral undertone 
F13 – For dark skin tones with a warm undertone 
F14 – for dark skin tones with a cool undertone 
F15 – for dark skin tones with a neutral undertone 
F16 – for dark skin tones with a warm undertone 
F17 – for dark skin tones with a neutral undertone 
F18 – for dark skin tones with a warm undertone
Applying it: I apply a small amount at a time and then blend it. I like to do it in sections in case it dries and then i can't blend it. Doing it this way really worked and it blended really well. 

Coverage: The coverage is light /medium to me, i do think its buildable. I think its a really good coverage for every day wear.  It feels really nice and light on the skin. 

Finish: Its very much a satin/dewy finish, if you like a matte foundation this is not for you. This foundation has a very dewy finish, it is described as a satin, but on my skin its not. It makes my skin look very glowy. I do use powder on top just to set it as i do with all my foundations.
Longevity: It lasted on my skin without touching up for about 12 hours, so i'm pretty impressed. 

Price: £5! how could you go wrong, its crazy cheap. You can buy it here

I'd love to know have you tried this foundation?


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Monday, 2 April 2018

March Favourites 2018

Hello darlings

I've blinked and March has gone! Anyone else? But i have to admit i have very excited to turn the heating off, open the windows and get my sunglasses out! Normally Winter is my favourite season, i mean Christmas, Halloween, my birthday, Will and Isaac's birthday all happen in Winter but since living on my own this year, bills! Need i say more 

Anyway back to my post, haven't done a monthly favourites for a little while. I have to admit i haven't been able to blog as much as i wanted to. Being a mum and working takes up 99% of my day, but i'm trying to find a healthy balance between Isaac, Will, house work, work, sleep and hobbies. So hopefully watch this space. 
I LOVE this palette, my beautiful fiance Will bought it for me for my birthday last November and i've hit pan on one shadow and nearly on another 2, i love it so much. I use it most days its so versatile, i can create so many looks with these shadows and they are all on one palette which is so handy.  They are creamy and blend beautifully, overall a fab product. 

I've only had this for about a month as it was sold out everywhere! I got it in the lightest shade, C1. Its a good colour match, if anything it might be a little too light, but that makes it perfect for brightening up under the eye. Its full coverage, good for hiding my dark circles, but if i put too much on it sinks into my fine lines around my eyes so be aware of that if you are thinking of purchasing this.. 

This is at the moment my holy grail brow pencil, its the perfect texture. Its firm but not too firm that so it creates a natural brow. Its a very fine tip so you can create hairs that are not there perfect for every day.

I use these pads at night after i've taken my makeup off, they are a quick and easy way to exfoliate. My feel feels so good for using them, it leaves it soft and cleansed. I much prefer a chemical exfoliator to a manual gritty one, this one is so much gentler on the skin and i enjoy using them more. 

This is marketed as a anti-wrinkle cream, and although i have fine lines i'm not quite at the wrinkle stage yet. But this is the nicest face cream i've used in ages, i can't put into words how my skin feel after using this. I bought it after A Model Recommends mentioned it in a video last month. I'm so glad i bought it! It feels so silky smooth on the skin, its has a really nice creamy texture, a small amount goes a long way. 

I'd love to know what are some of your Match Favourites?


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Thursday, 29 March 2018

My Travel Essentials // Skincare, hair and baby // Who doesn't love miniatures?

Hello darlings.

Last week me, Will and Isaac went down to Torquay for a few days and i though i'd share with you what products i took with me. I'm not mentioning makeup in this post, that will be a separate one otherwise this would be the longest blog post! 
Firstly i use the Superdrug B Range Micellar Water, i purchased this when i ran out of my Garnier Micellar Water a few months back, but sadly Garnier was full price but this Superdrug one was better than half price so i thought why not try this one instead. I have to say i really like it, its not 100 % the same but its pretty good, it takes off any my makeup without irritating my skin.Overall i like it nd will repurchase it. Then i use the Garnier Skin Active Face Wash in 'natural honey', this is just a nice simple face wash, i don't have a favourite face wash i just pick up whatever is on offer when i've run out. Next i use the Nip and Fab Exfoliating Pads to remove any left over makeup and exfoliate. I love these pads and i highly recommend them, my review coming soon! To treat my skin i put on a little of the Ole Hendrisk cleansing mask, i don't use this all the time to me its quite a luxury item to me and i only have a sample size. It smells gorgeous, like oranges! My moisturizer/serum that i'm currently using is the Nip and Fab Dragons Blood Serum, i have to admit i'm not loving this, but its expensive and i want to use it up. Let me know if you guys would like a review this? Lastly i apply a little pea sized amount of the Botanics Triple Age Renewal Eye CreamI'm really enjoying this eye cream i've had it for a while now and reviewed it here. Its over a really nice moisturizing eye cream. 
I purchased these Tony & Guy hair products in a little set in the Christmas sales and i've been saving them for when i travel as i don't travel as often as i use to this is the first chance i've had to try them. The set includes shampoo, conditioner and hair protecting spray. Its a volumising set which is great for my flat hair! I also took a little body lotion with my, i choose the Palmer's Coconut Oil. This product smells amazing! I love Palmer's products, i used this lotion all though pregnancy too. 
Not forgetting Isaac, these were his miniatuers. When i was pregnant i received loads of sample from companies and mummy groups. I'm finally getting round to using them! I took with us the Aveeno bay wash and moisturizing, i love Aveeno products and i was really happy with these! I also took a mini Sudocream, i mean how cute?! If you're a mummy you know you always have to have Sudocream with you! 

I'd love to know what are some of your travel essentials?

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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

My Top 5 // e.l.f // underrated products

Hello darlings.

Today is my next installment of my top 5, this time my brand focus is e.l.f, more specifically products that i feel are a little underrated. Or at least i don't read or hear people mention them very often. I have to be honest e.l.f can be quite hit and miss, by that i mean i could buy a eye shadow and you buy the same one an yet they are completely different quality, which sucks. But when you you get a good one, its a real gem and luckily these are!
I'm really fussy when it comes to brow products, i find it really hard to get what i want. My current favourites are the Max Factor brow shaper pencil and the Seventeen brow pencil. I remember buying this last year, i bought it because it was super cheap and the colour was a good match. I was so impressed, its very pigmented, not the best for a natural brow look unless you have the time to sit down and spend time to go gentle, but can be achieved. But for evenings or people with already dark brows its brilliant! Super easy application, nice tip, its just a lovely product. 

I have always loved e.l.f's lipsticks, they are great quality, great value for money and they have a good colour range. This is my latest lipstick i have purchase from e.l.f, its in the shade blushing brown i was a little nervous that it would be too brown but its not its a reddish brown and its really beautiful. Its not matte, but really creamy with a nice finish. Its doesn't apply patchy and lasts a decent amount of time. 

This primer i have heard quite a few bloggers/youtubers mention, i've used it for years i love it and its so cheap! It makes my application of eye shadow go on smooth and not at all patchy. It really makes it last all day, its a real bargain! Its available in lots of different shades but i have the shade sheer. 

It took me the longest time to find this eye shadow quad, i've seen quite a few American bloggers talk about this in their favourites and get ready with mes but i can never find them in England. Until one day i did and i bought it there and then! I really like it, its so cute and handy to take with me on the go. Pigment is good its perfect for an everyday look without being too much. 

Cream Eye Shadow: (sorry no link, i believe its discounted)
Lastly this is one of my everyday favourites at the moment, i'm not normally a fan of creme eye shadow, i find its messy and it creases and every time i got use one i just can't be bothered. But i am so glad i tried this one. Its so quick and easy, i'm a total convert! I'm not sure what shade this is (the name has worn off) its a beautiful rose brown. Its quick and easy, perfect mummy makeup. 
L to R, instant brow pencil in brown, lipstick in 'blushing brown', e.l.f eyelid primer in sheer, cream eye shadow pot, eye shadow quad in tantalizing taupe. 

I'd love to know what are some of your favourite e.l.f products?
Have you tried any of these? 


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Saturday, 10 March 2018

Trying a new concealer // Estee Lauder Double Wear // Review

Hello darlings.

Today i have a quick fire review for you. I treated myself to this concealer at the beginning of the year. The dark circles under my eyes are getting quite dark that i thought i'd spend a little but more money of a concealer and see if its any better than my other drugstore ones. I believe i bought it on Look Fantastic, i remember they had 15 % or 20% off certain products and this Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer was included. So i saw it as a sign and purchased it there and then! I haven't heard many people talk about this concealer i know a lot of people talk about the foundation, which i need to try! So i thought i'd share my thoughts for anyone looking to purchase this, i hope you enjoy!
Packaging: Its a small glass tube, which is standard concealer packaging. Nothing hugely special but it has a gold handle which i think makes it a little more elegant, this little touches sometimes make all the difference. It contains 7ml of product and has SPF 10 which is brilliant. I think all face products should have some level of SPF in! 

Shade: There are 11 shades available which is a decent selection, i have it in the shade 1W (Light Warm) i normally would go for a more pink toned brightening concealer under my eyes but i decided to try something different. I wanted one that would cover my dark circles not just brighten. 
 Texture: Its really thick and creamy. I find it a little moisturizing but i always wear a moisturizer and eye cream, under my makeup anyway. Its very pigmented, a little goes a long way, so i only use one little swipe under my eyes and it blends are nicely. Its quite a matte finish but i powdered anyway to lock it in place.

Coverage: Its good at covering my dark circles but it does settle into my fine lines as you can see in the imagine below. But brilliant for blemishes and little imperfections i need covering. I use a beauty blender or my fingers to blend out the concealer as i do with all mine.
Longevity: Its lasts all day, i didn't have to retouch at all or powder. But i do have dry skin, have any oily skinned girls tried it? If so please share your thoughts in the comments below!

Would i buy again? Yes i would, i really like this concealer, i don't know if its worth £24.00 but i did really enjoy it so i would be prepared to spend it again. You can buy it here for £24.00

I'd love to know have you tried this concealer?

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