Thursday, 22 August 2019

Lip of the week 35 // Maybelline Lip paint.

Hello darlings.

How are you all?

Today's post is my lip of the week, this product is new to me. its the Maybelline Lip Paint in 'Stripped Down'. I bought it on Fragrance Direct a couple weeks back for £1.25! But since i've had a little look on the Boots and Superdug websites but i couldn't find them on there. But the fragrance direct link is here and the link to buy them on the Mayeblline website. So i know the range is still available. 

I only purchased this lip paint about 2 weeks ago and i have worn it non stop. 
The packing is a tube with a doefer applicator at the end, its not one that you can take out its attached to the packaging. So you squeeze and the product comes out. I quite like the applicator, its soft and applies the product evenly. But i know people will have a problem with it do to hygiene but as i'm only going to use the product on myself i'm not worried. But you can squeeze a small amount on to the back of you hand and apply with a brush if preferred. 
The colour is a beautiful nude, very 90s. Its pink toned but not too pink, i was worried looking at the picture online that it would be a straight up pink shade instead of a nude but its not. Its a beautiful natural nude. 

The texture, its a very liquidy, its quite glossy when you apply it but after a bit of wear time it dries down matte. The product is really comfortable on the lips and last a really long time. But sadly its not transfer proof.
My two year old son Isaac helping mummy take swatch pictures!
Overall i really love this lip paint, i'd love to know have you tried this product?

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Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Underrated products // Gosh eye shadow palette

Hello darlings,

Happy Tuesday, what have you guys been up to today? I've just had a chill day, house work, gardening, running errands etc, which has been really nice. Today's post is the latest instalment of my underrated products series, i'm loving writing this series, my last one was the Collection highlighter stick, link. today product is a palette from GOSH. I love GOSH makeup, i feel its a brand that is not hugely talked about, at least not that i seeing. Its a affordable, vegan and cruelty free, which is brilliant. I received this eye shadow palette which is called 005 To Party in London, from work a few years ago. I think its so beautiful, great palette for every occasion. 
Its a lovely compact palette that is shiny and sleek looking. The palette has a really good sized mirror in the lid. Its all shimmer and glitter shadows that are some of the most pigmented shadows i own. There is also a good range of colours, you have neutrals, warm and cool shades. I think there is a colour for everyone, whether its a day time look or a evening look. The shadows are creamy, smooth and blend beautifully. 
The only down side is there is no shade names and no mattes so i couldn't solely use this palette on its own as i need a matte base and a matte crease. But overall its such a pretty palette! 

You can buy it from Superdrug here for £11.99

I'd love to know have you tried this palette? Or any of the GOSH eye shadow palettes? 

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Monday, 5 August 2019

T.K.Maxx Bargains

Hello darlings.

Today post is a quick one about the bargains i picked up in T.K.Maxx last week. I've been popping into T.K.Maxx a lot more recently. Normally i just find it busy and messy, i find people have no respect of the items in there, they open everything and mess the displays up. So it puts me off but I've noticed they've been stocking Anastasia Beverly Hills products so i pop in there now and again to see what stock they have.  This time i got really lucky.
Anastasia Beverly Hill Moon Child Palette: RRP £45.00, i paid £19.99. There was three of these palettes on the shelf, two were smashed but this little beauty wasn't. I'm so happy with this palette, Its one of those palettes i've wanted but i didn't want to spend £45.00 on a palette i might not use very often. I mean who wears blue highlighter? But it turns out the shades are really wearable!

Urban Decay Born to Run Palette: RRP £42.00 i paid £29.99. This is my best find to date in T.K.Maxx, i've never seen Urban Decay in there before. I've wanted to the Born to Run palette for ages, i was gonna ask for it for my birthday. So i'm very happy to have found this one.

Too Faced Lip Plumping Lip gloss: RRP £10.00 i paid £2.99. I've never tried anything from Too Faced before, so i'm really excited to try this product. Its in the shade milkshake and it smells lush. 

Overall i'm so happy with my finds! I'd love to know have you found any gems in T.K.Maxx recently?

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Wednesday, 31 July 2019

One Brand // W7

Hello darlings.

Today's post is a full face of W7 makeup, I use to do this all the time when i started blogging. I would get as many products from a brand as i could and try and put them all together and see what the brand offered. For example, bare in mind they are super old posts, here are my Rimmel, Maybelline, MUA One brand post. Today's one brand face will be W7 a brand i've not really tried before, i've heard good things about them. So i thought why not try a full face of products all at once.
First i'll start with the stand out products:

The Romanced Eye Shadow Palette, this palette is a dupe for the Anastasia Soft Glam Palette and i'm really surprised with how good this is, i paid £4.99 for it which is a really cheap, i think full price its £10. The shades are pretty and pigmented. They blend nicely and i'm really happy with the eye look i created, definitely a romantic look as the name suggests.

The Glowcomotion Highlighter, beautiful colour, it is a little more golden than i normally wear but with my tan it blended out quite nicely. 

The Skinny Lipping Liquid Lipstick in the shade 'Butterfly Kiss' it is such a beautiful colour, a deep pink and very pigmented. Really nice texture, comfortable in the lips. I think it would suit most skin tones as well. 

The Banana Dreams Powder, i did enjoy using this powder, it set my makeup nicely and i will definitely be using it again. 
Next up the bad...
Apart from the four above i didn't like the rest, i'm sorry W7.

The worst were, the mascara, Absolute Lashes. It did nothing for lashes, made them blacker but that was it. No length and no volume. The packaging make it look like a dupe for the Benefit their real mascara but its nothing like it.

The Face Fantasy Foundation when i first used this the first thing i noticed was how good the colour match was. Which was great as it wasn't too pink or too yellow it was the prefect neutral colour. But it was very cakey and patchy. Didn't blend well, stuck to all my dry patches and when i tried to build it it looked awful. 

The concealer Saved By The Gel, i choose in the shade fair, but it was so dark! which was disappointing as the foundation shade was so good. The concealer offered no coverage in the picture below you can still seem my under eye dark circles. 
Lastly the okay....

The Honolulu Bronzer, the product blended nicely and had good pigment but the colour didn't suit me. I don't think they do any other shades, for this bronzer but this one was orange on my skin tone. 

The Black King Khol eyeliner was alright, a standard black liner. It was nice and did the job but didn't wow me. 

The Prime Magic Primer i used with the foundation it didn't work or help the foundation. But i will try this on its own to give it a fair chance, so i will update you guys on how that goes. 

Overall i have very mixed feelings, i'm glad i tried this products but there was more fails and gems. I'd love to know have you tried any of these products?
Are there any other W7 products i should try?

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Saturday, 20 July 2019

Underrated products // Collection Speedy Highlighter

Hello darlings

Sorry i've been a little absent, i've had a couple of weeks away. I popped down to Devon with my in-laws, Will and Isaac for a week and then to London with Will for a few nights. Plus many day trips and house renovating. But now i'm back to work and everything is settling back down to normal. 

I had a little idea while i was away, to do a series all about what i believe are underrated products. The first product is one that is a rediscovery, its a product i've had in my collection for a while. The Collection Speedy Highlighter. I always forget i have this products as i've always used powder highlighters. So this one always get overlooked. But every now and then i reach for it and fall in love again.
The packaging is simple but effective. Its a cream stick highlighter. So it is easy to use, you put it directly on to your face. Or if prefer put a brush on the end and apply it that way. Both ways work.

The colour, Its not too pink or golden tone its a happy in the middle colour. Great on my skin tone, i would say its good for light to medium skin tone. I am pretty pale but currently with the lovely weather in England (i know i'm shocked too) i'm a little tanned. It creates a a perfect sheen, not a in your face shine. But you can build it up to that if you wish.  It doesn't have any chunky glitter  or sparkle, its a sheen. 

I find it blends beautifully and looks really natural on my skin. Its great for my every day makeup. Plus i think it photographs really nicely! 
You can buy it here for £3.99

I'd love to know have you tried this highlighter what are your thoughts?
Are there any products you think are underrated and need more love?

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