Monday, 17 September 2018

Empties // September 208

Hello darlings.

I'm not sure if people still do empties posts any more, i feel like its a dying post? But i'm gonna try and keep it alive! I'm always keeping things back with the intention of either dong a post or video on the products i've used up and whether i will repurchase or not. But i always forget and just end up cleaning things out. But this time i've kept a few! I'm mainly inspired but the pan project on Instagram. Its encouraging me to use up my products instead of just keeping them buying more.

So sit back, grab a cuppa and a biscuit as this is gonna be a long post... 

Nip and Fab Exfoliating Pads £12.95: OMG these pads are my absolute favourite item in my skincare routine, this has to be the 4th or 5th pot i've purchased. I was skeptical about using them at first as they are quite expensive but i'm so glad i bit the bullet and tried them. They exfoliate and cleanse which is brilliant, i love 2 in 1 products

Neutrogen Hydro Boost Micellar Water £7.00: I bought this on clearance for 80p (so i bought 2) This prouct is really nice, the smell is gorgeous, like apples. It worked well at taking my makeup off and not irritating the skin. I will definitely repurchase if i can find them! 

Vichy Aqualia Serum £25.00: I used this up quite a while ago now so its been sitting in my box for some time. I remember really loving this is was one of the first high end skincare items i bought. I did see a difference in my skin while i was using this so i would say it was hydrating. I'm not sure i will repurchase as its been quite a while since i used this up and i haven't rushed out to get it. 

Botanic face serum (Discontinued): This was a really nice basic face serum. I really liked it, it was good for a night moisturizer that soaked in to the skin quickly. I'm not sure if i will repurchase as it wasn't special but i did enjoy using it and don't regret buying it.  

Charles Worthington Heat Defense Spray (Discontinued): This was a good heat protector, kept my hair protected while i low dried it. It didn't feel heavy or sticky. Good size for travel and on the go. I dunno f i will repurchase as i have several in my cupboard that i need to get through!  

Seventeen Pressed Powder (Discontinued): This is my holy grail powder, but sadly the brand has been discontinued! I know i'm in tears! So i can't repurchase sadly, so if anyone could recommend any good matte setting powder please put them in the comments below!

Mac Prep and Prime Sample (Full size £22.50): I got this as a free sample when i bought a couple of lipsticks a month or so ago and i really enjoyed it! It felt so nice on my skin, kept my makeup on all day and didn't cause me to break out, perfect! I will be repurchasing it after payday.

Max Factor Brow Pencil £7.99): If you have followed me for a long time then you will know how much i love the Max Factor brow pencil, its the perfect texture and perfect colour for my brows. The nib is very fine so i can create brow hairs with it. I already have another one in my collection ready to go! 

Benefit Lipstick 'Double the Lip' (Full size £17.00): I got this free in a magazine and its a really pretty everyday colour, i got the nude shade called 'nude scandal', i believe there was three to choose from. A nude, pink and a red. I did enjoy this lipstick but i'm not sure i will repurchase, i believe full size it is £17.00 and i'm not sure its worth the money. 

So overall so really good products!

I'd love to know have you tried any of these products?

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Monday, 10 September 2018

E.l.f Lip Exfoliator // Review

Hello darlings.

Today's post is a little review of something new i've recently tried. A lip scrub, ok i know i'm late to the party with these! But i've never seen the point in using one before. But recently i've been really into exfoliating my body (for fake tan) and my feet (so i can have cute feet in sandals) So i thought i already defoliate my face and body so why not my lips?
I decide to try the e.l.f coconut lips scrub, they offer many different flavors they have clear, rose, mint, cherry, brown sugar but i went for the coconut as it smelt amazing! As this is my first lip scrub i don't have anything to compare it too. Its really thick and gritty which i really like, its definitely a rough scrub, its a proper scrub! So it really feels like its dong something. 
How it says to use it: Use on dry clean lips, apply it like a lipstick and really work it in. Then gently wipe of with a damp cloth. Then i put a little lip balm on and apply my lip liner and lipstick on as usual. 

Over all i really love this product and i can't wait to try a different flavour, i think i will buy the brown sugar one next time! I also think this will become a staple item over the Winter.

Have you tried any of the e.l.f  lip scrubs?

You can purchase them here for £4.50.

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Sunday, 29 July 2018

July favourites // 2018 // Higher End

Hello darlings

Today's post is my July favourite,s do people still enjoy reading monthly favourites? I know i still love reading them, do people find them a little old news now? let me know in the comments! This month i've been trying new products and have done a LOT of shopping, oops! Don't tell Will. 

I'm really enjoying this hair cream i'm not usually one for using hair products i tend to wash my hair put heat protector on it an leave it. A top it up with dry shampoo during the week but that's pretty much it, i'm not very good at doing things with my hair, i'm much better at makeup. But since i had my hair cut i've been trying more products. I picked this up on clearance for about 89p, crazy! considering full price its £8.23, i think its because its in the old packaging. It gives me natural waves that last till i brush them out, its great because it means i don't have to use heat on my hair.

Nip and Fab Glycolic Cleansing Pads, £14.95. (Currently half price at £7.48)!)
I'm not if i've mentioned these pads in a favourites post before, i'm pretty sure i have as they are my holy grail. I love how these make my skin feel, they are a little more expensive than i normally pay but i heard so many great reviews on them and i'm so glad i purchased them and this is probably my fourth pot?
This is the first liquid highlighter i have purchased. I have a cream and LOTS of powder ones but not any liquid ones. These are the type you mix into your foundation or use as a stand alone highlight. Giving you more of a natural look. This Gold Euphoric is super pretty and i'm really enjoy using it on more natural makeup days. I need to try more from the collection. 

Mac Prep and Prime, (full price £22.50)
I only have a sample of this which i've nearly used up so i need to pick up a full size one. I got this free when i bought one of the Mac lip kits. This is so good, i'm not usually one to remember to use a primer but this month i have to wear it everyday in this heat! This leave my skin feeling so good and an excellence base for my makeup and it keeps it n place all day! 

Morphe 35 Taupe Palette, £23.00. (On offer for £14 on Beauty Bay)
Lastly my newest palette to add to my collection, it is the Morphe 35 Taupe Palette. I've only had this for just over a week but i couldn't not include it! Beauty Bay is discounting Morphe as they are opening their on site and store in England so Beauty Bay has the 'break up sale', which i took full advantage off! I've wanted this palette for a long time, it is filled with the shades that i wear daily, i think taupe and gold suit me the best. I buy so many warm palettes hoping that they will suite me but i don't think they do at least not all the time, but cool tone bronzes and browns do. 

I'd love to know what are some of your July favourites? How is is August soon!?!


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Friday, 13 July 2018

Lip of the week #33 Kate Moss nude collection

Hello darlings.

Today's post is a super quick 'lip of the week' before i go on holiday. For those of you who are new readers (HI!) this is a series where i tell you what lipstick i've been loving this week. 

I'm off to Devon tomorrow so i want to give you guys a little post before i go as i'm off for a week. Today's lip prouct is Rimmel Kate's' nude lipstick in shade 45, i know this was a popular lipstick a few years ago and that i'm late to jump on the band wagon! But now i have finally purchased it here are my thoughts and why its my favourite for this week, i hope you enjoy.
Its a pretty pink tube, the classic Rimmel shape but just pink so you can tell it is part of Kate Moss's collection. I really like it, its different from many other lipsticks i have and stands out in my collection. You get 4g of product which is pretty standard. 

I choose the shade is '45' which is a pinky nude. It wasn't the lightest or the darkest shade in the collection but i thought it would suit me the most and it does. Its a nice pinky 'my lips but better', not a true nude for me but i like that as i didn't want the 'concealer' lips look. So this works perfectly for me for everyday. 

Its glides on the lips easily, very smooth and pigmented. No lip liner is needed. 
Its not a matte finish its a very shinny moisturizing lipstick. I'm defenfity more of a matte girl but its good to have other options. Not a glossy finish like lip glosses as thats what i don't like. I have long hair you get the idea....

Long lasting?
This lipstick is not the most long lasting on my lips, i do have to reapply throughout the day or after eating. But i think thats down to the finish, a matte lipstick would last longer. 

I'd love to know have you tried this lipstick?
Or any of the Kate Moss collection?

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Sunday, 8 July 2018

Mac's Studio Sculpt // Is it worth it?

Hello darlings

I'm sorry there wasn't a post last weekend i had a pretty hectic week, with the heat and the nice weather i've spent a lot of time out of the house so i haven't had a huge amount of time to blog! But today i have for you my thoughts on a new foundation i'm been trying. This is my first 'high end' foundation and my first MAC foundation. So i was pretty excited to get this!

I popped into MAC with my friend a couple months ago looking for a foundation, i explained to the lady that i was looking for a medium/high coverage for dry skin. And she suggested the Studio Sculpt foundation that i've never heard of. She tried it on me in NC15 and i decided to purchase it. 
Packaging and price: 
Its a simple 40ml tube, nothing too special but i'm not sure its £27.50 special. I know cray amount to spent on a foundation but i haven't had a huge amount of luck with finding my holy grail foundation so at this point i was willing to spent some money! The packaging isn't glass, so good for travel. Its also 40ml which is more than you 'normally' get, which is the standard 30ml. Its a squeeze tube not a pump.  

 I was colour matched in store, to NC15, i was a little nervous about as i didn't want a pink toned one as i'm trying to stay away from them as i don't think they suit me, but after she put it on my (her name was also Jess) i was pleasantly surprised it matched me really well with my skin. It wasn't too pink it was more neutral which was fab. 
It quite thick when you pour it out of the tube, so a small amount goes a long way. Which is great, hopefully it will last a long time. Its definitely full coverage which is what i asked for, so i'm pleased with it.  

The coverage is very full coverage, to be honest its quite cakey on the skin. As i said a small amount goes a long way which means it can go cakey quickly but if you apply it in sections on your face this can be avoided and can look quite lovely on the skin. But sometimes i'm not sure why it only sometimes it also highlights all my pores even with my benefit POREfessional on underneath! Which sucks for such an expensive foundation especially as my pores aren't even that big!

It does last a long time on the skin especially in this heat! It also contains SPF 15 which is brilliant in this weather!

Overall i'm enjoying this foundation most days, but i'm not sure i'd recommend spending £27.50 on it, i wish i'd read a few reviews on it before buying it. Looking at the MAC website people have been pretty disappointed with this foundation too. You can buy it here.

I'd love to know have you tried this foundation?
Had a good experience with it?
Can you recomend any good ones?


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