Sunday, 17 February 2019

Empties // February 2019

Good evening darlings,

Today's post is an old classic empties post. I don't do these very often as i take a while to empty or pan products. I'm always trying new things so i tend to have a lot of half used items and not many empties! So lets begin!


Maybelline Lash Sensational, this is my holy grail of mascaras, you will always see one of these in my hauls and empties. Its has the perfect wand, its rubber and curved to curl the lashes. It gives length and volume without clumping. 

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, everyone and their mother uses this powder and with good reason its a great matte powder. One of the best on the high street and a bargain for only £3.99, i will definitely be picking this one up again.

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer, its taken my quite a while to use up this concealer. I've really enjoyed the colour match and coverage but its one i used every now and then so i don't think i'm going to repurchase any time soon as there are other ones i like more.

Garnier Miceller Water, i really enjoy using this miceller water to take my makeup off, i do think its a little pricey when you can buy similar ones for half the price. But when its is on offer i will definitely pick one up. Its a very gentle cleanser and good for stubborn makeup!

Skin Republic Collagen Under Eye Mask, i really enjoy using under eye masks, i'm obsessed with using anything that could get rid of my dark circles and fine lines. These masks were not bad but not a miracle, so i wont be repurchasing, but i'm glad i tried them.

Hair Care:

Tony & Guy Damage Repair Shampoo, this is the only hair product this month, i bought this shampoo in Home Bargains for i think £1.99 or £2.99. I really enjoyed it, i wouldn't pay £7.19 full price but if i see it in there again i will grab a couple bottles. It made my hair feel clear, smooth and healthy looking, i'm quite a fan of Tony & Guy hair products so i do recommend them.


Ghost Original Fragrance, this is a perfume i've been working on for a while, its a nice light fragrance that is good for everyday. Its a really likeable scent, not too overpowering so i think most people will like it. I won't repurchase tho at least not for a while as i have so many still to use. 

I'd love to know what products have you used up this month?
Have you tried any of these 


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Monday, 11 February 2019

The perfect travel palette // 'Shape your money maker'

Hello darlings

Guess who is back in the full swing of blogging! I'm feeling really motivated and enjoying blogging again. If you have any posts you wanna see from me let me know and i will do my best to create them.

Today's post is about my perfect travel palette. Put this in your makeup bag with foundation, concealer, brow pencil, mascara and lip stick and you are good to go. I got this in the sales after Christmas, i may have bought a lot of makeup in the sales after Christmas! But Shhh. One brand i have a new love for is Tarte, i can't believe i hadn't tried their products till the end of last year when my finance bought me the Sweet Escape Collectors Set for my birthday! Which i really want to review for you guys but i don't think its available any more as it was limited edition. 

I got this palette for £15 instead of £30. Plus they had i believe it was 15% or 20% off on top as part of the black Friday sale. Amazing! I think this is a really good palette to travel with, its small, its sturdy, it has a bronzer, highlight and 6 eye shadows. 
Beautiful packaging that feels really expensive. Very sleek packaging, but sturdy. Plus it smells like chocolate, its a lovely smell but not overpowering, you can't smell it on your face. It comes with a nice size mirror, again great for travel. Its has a little saying on it, 'shape your money makers'.
Inside it contains one highlight called flex and one bronzer/contour called slim. The highlight is a lovely pink toned shimmer, very pretty on the skin. 

The bronzer is a mid tone brown not too warm or not too cool, it think it would suit most skin tones, its very pigmented, so only a little is needed, so the product will last a long time.
Six eye shadows, the top row are shimmer and the bottom are mattes.

Top row
Cut: A white shimmer, gives off a slight bronze colour.
Snatched: A dark bronze, a copper toner shimmer.
Tone up: A deep purple shimmer.

Bottom row 
Trainer: A warm matte white.
Cardio: A Warm medium brown.
Reps: A Deep warm reddish brown.

Overall i'm loving this palette and can't wait to take it with me on my next trip away. 

I'd love to know have you tried this palette?
What is your go to travel palette? 


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Thursday, 7 February 2019

NARS Pigalle Lipstick // Lip of the week // #34

Hello darlings.

Guess who bought another lipstick, i know slap my hands! I did buy this a while ago but my camera died and my laptop died so i bought a new one! So its all systems go! I know i have hundreds of lipsticks but i'm a sucker for a lipstick especially for lipstick that has cute packaging. This is my first ever product from NARS but i never have seen anything i've wanted to own anything from the brand. But then i saw this lipstick i knew i had to own it. So did it live up to expectations? Here's my first lip of the week of 2019.
So sleek and slim, very high end looking. It feels very nice to hold. Not cheap plastic. 

It is a red-brown colour, not like any i have in my collection. The perfect colour for this season, its a really nice dark colour. Its brown without being scary or unflattering as its has red under tones. I think will suit all skin tones.
The texture:
 It a creamy matte, glides on nicely. It is creamy so applies smoothly not dry, but definitely gives a matte finish. 

Is it long lasting? 
Its lasts a decent amount of time, i ate and drank like normal and it lasted pretty well. I would say it was about 4 hours before i touched it up. 
Overall i really like this lipstick! So my first NARS product has been a success. 

I'd love to know have you tried this lipstick?
Any other NARS shades you would recommend?


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Sunday, 3 February 2019

The Red Clutch // Valentines Day

Hello darlings

How is it February already? Isaac will be two this month which is surreal, when did i become the mother of a toddler? This time is flying by. And who has snow? Isaac is loving it. This is the third day for us and its really nice, normally i don't like snow but this years its so crisp and pretty! Anyway today's post is about a little bargain handbag i picked up last week that i wanted to share with you guys.
I was looking in Monsoon for Bridesmaid dresses in Bristol when i noticed in the Accessorize part of the shop they had a really good sale on. I picked up two bags, one white diamond studded clutch (for my wedding) and a red suede clutch. They were both pretty decent prices. The white one was £35 down to £10 and the red clutch £25 down to £7! How brilliant! 

I thought this red bag would be perfect for Valentine's day. Its a beautiful shade of red and such a nice material. Plus its a decent size, not like most clutches, i can fit my purse, phone, lipstick etc in comfortably! You can wear it on the chain or tuck it inside the bag. Its perfect for date night or a night out with the girls. 

I'd love to know have you guys got a bargains recently?

Shop the Accessorize sale here


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Thursday, 3 January 2019

Making New Year Resolutions // helping my mental health.

Hello darlings.

Its that time of year, New Year resolutions, i've never been one to make them, i haven't made one for years. I've been of the mind that if i set myself goals that there's a pressure to accomplish them and i can't handle that kind of pressure.Which i know seems silly as its all in my head and i've set them for myself an no one else. So why do i fixate and stress about these things. There is no one else to disappoint other than myself.

I've had a pretty good 2018, i got engaged, i lost over a stone in weight, finally all my baby weight is gone! My body  doesn't look the same as it did but i'm ok with that, i housed a baby for 9 months and i feel him from my breast of course it will change. Isaac turned 1 which is crazy. What is even crazier is that hes 2 next month! I got promoted which at the time was what i wanted. I made it to team leader (duty manger). Then i found a new job doing something completely different working in animal rescue, i know i can't believe it either. I started driving lessons i know i'm 24 and i can't drive! Overall it sounds like a good year then why was i crying most evenings? 

 I feel 2018 has been a year where people have talked more openly about mental heath which is so fantastic but are people just jumping on a bandwagon, has it become a trend? And i hate that i'm even writing that. Its one of the reasons i've never really talked about my mental health, because i'm worried people wouldn't take it seriously as everyone seems to be doing it. I know that although it looks like i've had the perfect year i've been so worried of something going wrong. And things have been bad and i've just put up with them. I'd stuck at a job for nearly 5 years that i didn't enjoy because i though well everyone hates their job its just the norm, there was nothing else i could do. So i put up with it, the reason i lost all my baby weight was stress due to my work an stress of being an adult. 

So back in November i just said fuck it, that evening i wrote my notice. I know so unlike the overthinking worried Jessica. I didn't have another job to go to, but i didn't care the moment i handed it in the relief i felt i can't describe. An it was fate because 2 days later my fiance Will tagged me in a post saying our local Animal Shelter were hiring. I wrote my CV in under an hour and submitted it, got a call the next day asking me for an interview and then about a 4 days later they called to say i got the job! The pay isn't as much and its less hours but that what i need. I need more time for me and my family. I constantly had the mum guilt where i was working 25/30 hours weeks and not seeing Isaac. Even if i just stick at it for a few months, i got out of my old job, less stress,  i'm doing something new and i get to spend more time at home. 

Leaning to drive is a massive thing for me i've always been way to scared to take lessons. Its such an irrational fear but i always overthinked it. 

My goals this year, to get my drivers licence, i want to potty train Isaac, teach him to swim. I want to get better at blogging, write more personal posts. I want to experience things more, create more memories. I want to have another baby! I get married in Oct 2020 which i am very excited about so this year is booking everything! Get better with money, which will be a struggle. This year i am making some resolutions and knowing that if i don't complete them then that is ok! But if i don't make them i will never know! And always wonder what if.....

I'd love to know do you make new years resolutions? 



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