Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Book review ^-^

‘Love Letters of Great Men’ by Ursula Doyle
I have to say I found this book beautiful!. The letters in the show the true hearts of many iconic historical figures we all love (or hate) or in some cases love to hate. The book made them feel more human and more real, as if they were in the room with you.
I choose to read this book first before ‘Love Letters of great Women’ due to the fact that I wanted to prove that men could be just as romantic as women. It would appear that men of the past seem to be more romantic as they were separated from their loved ones by oceans and wars (as Mr Big says in Sex and the City) and had more of a reason to write and to convey how they felt as they had very little other opportunities to do so.  Some are heart breaking as these great love affairs were either one sided and the love not returned or broke down and the fire blown out.
My three favourite poems from this book were:
1.       Oscar Wild letter to Lord Alfred Douglas.
2.       Napoleon Bonaparte to Josephine (a little racy).
3.       Ludwig Van Beethoven to his unnamed beloved.
I do highly recommend this book especially if you’re a romantic and love soppy poetry. It is also a good book for if you are do research on some of this iconic figures of the past and get a closer look into their minds.
‘You-my life-my ALL-farewell
Oh go on loving me-never doubt the faith fullest heart of your beloved
Ever thine
Ever mine
Ever ours’ –Ludwig Van Beethoven to his unnamed beloved. 

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