Saturday, 26 April 2014

My trip to Portsmouth!

Last Wednesday I took a trip down to Portsmouth to see my good friend Jess :) 
During my time there we went to the Mary Rose museum and went aboard The Victory ship.

Here are some of my finds there! 

The Mary Rose

King Henry VIII 

Sir George Carew (Admiral) 
Carew was an English soldier, admiral who died in the sinking of the Royal Navy flagship Mary Rose at the Battle of the Solent during an attempted French invasion in the Italian War of 1542–1546. 
Inside The Mary Rose

The Mary Rose Dog. This dog was found at the entrance of the master's carpenter's cabin. He was a healthy young male between one and half and two year's old. In appearance he looked like a cross between the modern breeds of terrier and whippet.

An Archers skeleton. 
The face of an Archer? 
A man in his early 20s, 1.78m tall (about 5ft 10in)

Taller than many of the crew, strong build.
                                                         An example of one of the guns.

An example of one of the guns. Alexander McKee's Diary, the day The Mary Rose was re-discovered.
From the very early days McKee kept a very detailed account of the projects activities.

Next stop The Victory...

This is the dinning room inside The Victory.

                                                                                  On deck.

                                                                 My postcards from the day :D

                                                               And lastly me and Jess relaxing in Costa.

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