Saturday, 10 May 2014

One year anniversary....

Exactly one year today my Grandma died. So today me, my dad, mum, brother and Uncle went to visit her and my Granddad's graves.
Here are a couple of pictures that i took of the cemetery while we were there.
War graves, with the names of the men from Bath who died in World War One and Two.
A close up of the memorial cross. 
The Temple, where you can sit and look out at the graves.
Inside the temple with more information about the heros. 
The memorial plaques where my grandparents names are written.
More beautiful plaques and messages from families to loved ones.

I'm not sure what it is about graveyards that i love and feel drawn to. Most people find them creepy and spooky but i find them so beautiful and peaceful.
R.I.P Grandma and Granddad, you're forever in our hearts<3 <3 

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