Thursday, 7 August 2014

How Much Does My Face Cost? 2014

Hello darlings

How much does my face cost? To me this sounds terrifying.
But i thought this would be an interesting challenge, I saw this done on Youtube by Miss Budget Beauty (link) and Ashley Tiernan (link) and enjoyed watching them so I thought I’d give it a go!

Start with my base:
Foundation: Bourjois healthy mix in shade 51 'Light vanilla': £9.99
Concealer: Collection lasting perfection, shade 'Light': £4.19
Collection Illuminating Touch Concealer, shade 'Natural' £4.99
Powder: Seventeen miracles press powder, shade 'Ivory porcelain'': £3.99
Bourjois bronzer, shade '51': £7.99
I haven’t included a blush as I don’t usually wear one.

Eye Brows:
Tweezers: £1.99 (I bought them on holiday for a chemist as i forgot them and it was an emergency!)
MUA pro brow kit: £3.50
Maybelline brow pencil, in soft brown: £2.99

Naked Basics eye palette: £22.00
Eyeko Eyeliner, black: £12.00
Collection extreme mascara in black: £2.99
MUA white eyeliner pencil £1.00

Collection lipstick in shade 'Pretty Please': £2.99

    Grand total: £78.62 

Woah... reading that off the screen it looks scary. I know that some people's is a lot higher but to me thats a lot of money. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this. 
I tag YOU to do this, do you dare find out how much your face cost?

JB xx      


  1. This is such a great idea! I remember watching a video on youtube a while back where they also did this and it sounds so interesting! Makes it seem like you spend a lot on a face of makeup! Looking forward to more posts! If you had a moment could you check out my new post?
    I also just followed you on Bloglovin', if you could do the same!

  2. I think it would be very daunting to find out how much I spend on my face :O Nice post.


    1. Yeah it was for me too, but it seemed like fun! Thank you :)

  3. This is a great post, it is a bit daunting when you realise how much you actually spend on makeup.

    1. Yeah it is, but its all worth it. Thank you :)

  4. It definitely adds up, especially high quality products. I don't mind too much since most of my stuff lasts for several months.
    Bright and Shiny

    1. Yeah, same, it lasts a very long time!