Thursday, 25 September 2014

Miss Sporty Matte Powder Review.

Hello darlings

Today i have for you my thoughts on Miss Sporty's 'So Matte Perfect Stay' Smooth Pressed Powder. Now thats a mouth full! I hope you find this useful if you're looking for a new powder or thinking of buying this one!

As always i'll start with the packaging, i like it, its compact, good for travel. It comes with a little songe, which i personally wont use but it handy for those who would. Its good value, at only £1.99, so great if you're on a budget.  I got it in '001 light', the lightest shade they do, i still found it too dark for me. It was slightly orangey on the skin, which wasn't a good look, so i wouldn't recommend it for paler skins. But i was impressed that it did keep me matte, it did exactly what it said it would! I also liked the words 'Miss Sporty' on the powder its self. It is smooth, very smooth in fact but its too powdery, it got everywhere! All over my jeans... lots of fall out, which was annoying. I didn’t like the smell either.

Over all i would recommend it but not highly. I think its good for darker skins and if you're on a budget, otherwise i think they are better powders out there. I haven't tried many Miss Sporty products, i've only ever tried there pencil eyeliners. If anyone could recommend any good Miss Sporty products you'd think i'd like to try, that would be wonderful. 

Have you tried this powder? What are your thoughts on it?

JB xx 


  1. great review! i can't leave the house without popping powder into my purse! :)

  2. Fantastic Post :) I'm a powder lover - haha!
    I love your Blog!

    Follow for follow?

    Amanda x
    The Malteser

    1. Thank you sweetie. I'll check out your blog.

  3. Never tried it, I always worry that Miss Sporty products won't really work that well just because I got an awful mascara from them a few years ago. This looks like it's a pretty good product though.

    1. Yeah i'm the same, i haven't tried many of their products.