Saturday, 11 October 2014

MUA Matte Perfect Foundation Review.

Hello darlings 

Today i have for you a review of MUA's Matte Perfect Foundation.
The main reason i decided to try this foundation was because one of my favourite foundations is MUA's 'Undress your skin' which is a wonderful foundation. Knowing i loved that foundation i though't i'd see what others MUA had to offer. 
I've had this foundation for a while now and think now i've tested it out enough to give my thought's. 

I'll start off like always with the packaging. 

I like it its very travel friendly, nice size, you get 35ml and for £2 thats really good value. It looks a little cheap looking but it didn't bother me much.

I got it in 'fair', haha this is not fair, its like a medium. I wouldn't recommend this for pale skins. I think its very misleading. Its slightly orange as well, no yellow or pink undertones but it does disappear the more you blend it, a lot blending...which is annoying. Its really thick so only a small amount is needed. But it does apply nicely and feels quite light on the skin. 


On my hands the colour match isn't too bad but my hands/arms are more tanned than my face. But you can still see its slightly too orange.
I found it only lasted about half a day maybe slightly less but it did give me a nice finish, it was more of a dewy look which was quite nice but it didn't keep me matte as it claimed to do. A powder is definitely needed for this foundation.

Overall i wouldn't recommend this product to be honest i didn't like it. I would only recommend it to darker skin tones that don't have oily skin.

I hope you enjoyed this review.



  1. I have darker skin tone and I don't have oily skin. Looks like it could work for me :)

  2. I don't usually go for the cheaper makeup as I feel it doesn't work as well on my skin as you said, I really love the NARS sheer matte foundation it is well worth it in my opinion!

    1. Yeah i agree especially in this case. But i do find some cheaper makeup is just as good a the high end products. :)