Thursday, 16 October 2014

The British Tag

Hello darlings.


Today i have for you a tag, 'The British Tag' I've seen quite a few people do it and it looked like fun so i thought i would give it a shot. I hope you enjoy. 

Question 1
How many cups of tea do you have a day and how many sugars?
I drink about 8-10 a day but sometimes it can be more, I am a BIG tea drinker. I don’t have sugars I have sweeteners, I think if I drank that much with sugar I’d have no teeth left….

Question 2
Favourite part of your roast?

Question 3
Favourite dunking biscuit?
Rich teas or chocolate digestives.

Question 4
Favourite British Past?
I didn't completely understated this question, i'm guessing it means favourite past of British history? I would have to say women gaining the vote. Or the coronation of Queen Elizabeth 1 and 2.

Question 5
Favourite word?
Fabulous or boob….. haha.

Question 6
Cockney Ryme slang?
I don't know any really.

Question 7
Favourite sweet?
I'm not the biggest fan of sweets but if i had to chose it would be anything that is lemon flavoured. 

Question 8
What would your pub be called?
Oooh um, I think something related to a monarchy, 'The Empress' i like. 

Question 9
No 1 British person?
Me? Haha, just joking :P I would have to say, maybe Kate Middleton or Benedict Cumberbatch  

Question 10
Favourite shop/restaurant?
Favourite shop, probably H&M or Debenhams.
Favourite restaurant Real China or Frankie and Benny’s. Or does Costa count? I spent most my life in there. 

Question 11
What British song pops into your head?
George Ezra 'Blame it on me' 

Question 12
NO! Ewww. Horrid horrid horrid.....

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Feel free to tag yourself and comment down below to let me know if you do it as i would love to read them :)



  1. I did the british tag toooo! that history question threw me hah!

    1. Awesome, i know i'm still not sure i answered it correctly, but oh well!