Friday, 20 March 2015

Blackhead Killer Face Mask | Perfect Fixations

Hello darlings

You guys know how much i LOVE face masks, so when i was contacted a while back and asked if i would be interested in trying out a couple of these 'Blackhead Killer Masks*' i happily said yes. I have had these for a little over a month now so its a fair enough amount of time to test them out and to give my opinion.

I'll start off by saying i don't like the smell, when i opened the packet it was very strong, i can't quite describe it, its sort of like the Superdrug own brand hot cloth cleanser smell. I usually like my face masks to be quite fruity. Its quite runny and messy, not the easiest of face masks, but its not usual, i've tried ones similar. But once you get over that i did see a visible difference in my skin after using these masks. The mask made my skin smoother and my blackhead less visible. They have not all gone but i'm happy with it so far. There wasn't quite enough product for my whole face in one sachet, (maybe i just have a huge face!!) So i just put it on my forehead, nose and chin. Each sachets contain 10ml.

I think if you have the time or are having a pamper/relaxing day or evening then this is perfect. It works well, i can definitely see a noticeable difference its just a little messy and time consuming.

Its £14.95 for 5, you can purchased them here
I'd love to know what are your thoughts? How do you deal with blackheads? 

*PR Sample.



  1. The smell of this really reminded me of sun cream personally. I also saw results but using the product stressed me out quite a lot because of how messy it can get and how patient you need to be to wait for it to dry!

  2. Am desperate for a good blackhead mask, but this just looks a bit too messy for me to handle. Also I think £15 is quite alot for 5 sachets that don't fully cover your face. The quest for a good blackhead mask continues... :)

    1. Yeah it is a little pricey and time consuming.