Sunday, 12 April 2015

My Scottish Adventure!: 2015 | Perfect Fixations

Hello darlings

Last Thursday i got back from my holiday in Scotland, i had so much fun and did so many cool things i thought i'd share it with you. I went for a week, we took the sleeper train up, which was actually really cool as i've never been on a sleeper train before. It consists of you getting on around 8pm in London and having dinner on the train, then hanging on in the sofas until you go to bed. You then wake up in Scotland around 8am and have breakfast. As you can expect sleeping on a train isn't easy, even with a comfy bed, but waking up and having breakfast while going through the mountains definitely made up for it. It was amazing.

We stayed in Inverness which was so pretty as it was sounded by mountains. It was quite a big place but everyone was really friendly. While there my family went skiing in Aviemore, we went shopping in Edinburgh,my brother bought a kilt! We walked to Lockness but unfortunately didn't see Nessie. We took the train up to Kyle of Lochlash and Thurso which is the furthest North you can go in Scotland.

Overall i had a pretty cool time, so here are a few pictures i took.
I hope you enjoy :)
Paddington Bear on Paddington Station
My cabin on the sleeper train.
View from the train as we had breakfast.
The staircase at the hotel which was the one the Titanic copied and used for the ship! Which was cool!

War Memorial for the Scots who fought in WW1.

Kyle of Lochlash
A Highland cream tea

Scotland is now ticked off my list!
I'd love to know have you ever been? 

Where should i travel to next?!?



  1. Ohh, I wish I could go and visit Great Britain. Especially for the photos. I love the ones you've taken.
    Jealous x

    Mary x

    1. Thank you :) I hope you get the chance one day :)