Monday, 6 June 2016

My new favourite palette: Stila 'Eyes are the window' spirit palette

Hello darlings.

I've been waiting ages to show you guys this palette! I bought it a couple months back and now i've used all the colours enough to give you my thoughts. This palette is Stila's Eyes Are The Window palette in 'Spirit'. I bought this in Marks and Spencer's as they are the only place that stock Stila near me, i'd had my eye on it and decided to reward myself with it when i handed in an essay. 
The packaging is so classy, gorgeous and feels expensive. The rose gold is very on trend at the moment and i think it fits perfectly into today's market. Inside the lid there is a huge mirror which is great for on the go or when you are away. The only problem is it gets fingers prints all over it and it gets grubby so quickly but with a tissue on hand that wont be a problem.  
Top row from L to R: Kitten, Puppy, Pigalle
Next row down from L to R: Oasis, Jezebel, Barefoot
Third row down L to R: Wheat, Golightly, Expresso
Bottom row L to R: Chinois, Slate, Pewter

The main reason i bought this palette was for two colours, the much typed kitten (if i bought this as an individual shadow it would have cost me £12 whereas the palette was £30 where you get 12 shadows so it seemed a better deal) and Pigalle which is a gorgeous burgundy shadow. I think this is the perfect neutral palette, its very versatile, you have your neutrals, cool tones, warm tones, brights, peachys, reds and smokeys. This palette would make a good palette for someone starting out with makeup or someone who buys quality over quantity. All these eyeshadows are very creamy, light and smooth.They are long lasting, not too much fall out, no creasing even without a eyeshadow primer. 

My favourite shadows after using this palette are Kitten which i use as my inner corner highlight, Wheat which is a gorgeous all over colour and Pigalle which is the most beautiful crease colour i own! I have nothing like Pigalle and i'm so glad i have it.  

The only downfall of the palette is not all the shadows are hugely pigmented, compared to Urban decay the pigment of these shadows in not the greatest ( although nothing comes close to Urban Decay!) but compared to a lot of other eyeshadow both at the drugstore and high end they are pretty god damn good! 

This is the first item i've bought from Stila and i have to say i am very impressed. What would you recommend for me to try from Stila?
Have you tried this palette? 

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  1. Stila pallets are always my favourite and this one looks like it's no exception! I'll have to add it to my wish list ;)

    1. This is the first Stila palette i've tried but i'll be looking out for others!

  2. I have the Soul palette from this range and love it - I'm very tempted to check out Spirit now :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. I looked at the Soul Palette when i bough this one, it looked really good too :)