Saturday, 11 March 2017

Introducing baby Isaac // Birth Story // Emergency C Section.

Hello darlings! 

I know its been a while and like all my recent posts i'm starting with an apology about the lack of posts but and this time I have a good excuse for why I haven't found the time to write. I had a baby! Introducing baby Isaac, born 5 days early by Emergency C Section, on 21/02/17 at 18:57, weighing 5lbs 12oz (2.6kg). 

Birth story:
I thought i'd share a little about my birth experience and show you guys a few pictures. I went into hospital on Sunday 19th after experiencing some blood loss and reduced movement. As i was so close to my due day (which was the 26th) the doctor decided to induce me and make sure he was safe. I had a pessary put in that night to start my contractions. The following lunch time (Monday) I started to go into labour but it wasn't till early Tuesday morning (3am) was I dilated enough to have my waters broken. After my waters were successfully broken I was put on to a hormone drip and monitored closely. This was not how I had planned to give birth but I made the best of the situation and all the doctors and midwifes were wonderful! The NHS is amazing and shouldn't be talked about so negatively. 

 I have to admit I was not prepared for the level of pain I was about to experience, I think I was a little naive about how painful contractions were going to be. I'd heard they were like period pains and thought I'd be able to handle it, but boy did I scream! I decided to see how far I could go without having any pain relief apart for gas and air. And I did pretty good; It was about 6pm on Tuesday when things started to go wrong, I was only 7cm dilated and my baby's heart rate was going down and things weren't moving along as quickly as they need to be for me to give birth vaginally. So I was taken into theatre and prep for surgery. Although I wasn't planning to have a C section and I was terrified, it was a really good experience. 
Isaac with his dad <3 
They say it takes 6 weeks to recover from a C section, my operation was 2 and half weeks ago and i'm still tender and taking it easy. I underestimated how long it would take to heal and have overdone it a couple times but now I'm letting people do things for me and taking this time to be with my little boy. People who say a C Section is the easy option and not really giving birth are idiots. 

I'm successfully breastfeeding which I'm so happy about, it was painful for the first 4/5 days, my nipples were chapped and he was cluster feeding so he rarely left my breast. But i persevered and now we got it down. He's putting on weight well, hes gone from 2.6kg to 3.2kg! I have a feeling he is going to huge!
As I write this he is 16 days old and he can already hold his head up (not for long) and is so alert! He pulls the cutest little faces and even smiles (and no its not wind haha). That's it for today, welcome to the world little Isaac, I'm so happy and I look forward to mentioning him more on my blog in the future!

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