Saturday, 8 July 2017

Top Three Lipsticks // Drugstore (ish) //

Hello darlings..

Since i enjoyed writing my last top three i thought i'd continue with my 'top three' series, today would be lipsticks! Looking back at the pictures i realized how similar colours they are! I apologize for that, but i guess i do have a favourite shade. I find these rosy nudes suit my skin tone the best, the work for almost every look and every season. I have included a matte, satin and creme texture lipstick. 
Mac's 'Velvet Teddy': £16.50. I'm cheating with this lipstick, its not technically drugstore (i'm sorry) but it is one of my all time favoruites. Its the very famous 'Velvet Teddy', its a  a brownish nude tone, i've heard people describe it as pink toned but i don't think it has any pink in, it has quite warm undertones. It is a matte but i find it very creamy on the lips, but as the day goes on it turns matte on the lips. 

Rimmel' Kate '08': £5.49. This is a lovely nude brown, very 90's.  I love the smell of this one, it smells like vanilla, which is always good in my books! I haven't got many of the Kate Moss lipsticks but i love this one so much i will have to look out for some more! 
Max Factor 'Rosewood' £ 7.99. This is one of my favourite all round shades, its a beautiful brownish pink, its got a little purple to it too. Its quite a warm shade perfect for Winter as well a Summer. Its very moisturizing, very creamy, its definitely not a matte its more stain finish, It its very pigmented with no shimmer or patchiness to it. I think this would be a great first lipstick for someone. 

I'd love to know have you tried nay of these?
What are you top drugstore lipsticks?

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  1. I love the Rimmel kate moss range too, although I don't have this shade, so will look into it! My top ones are actually the MUA matte ones as I find the shades are the best for an everyday look for me xx

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    1. I love MUA lipsticks! I must dig out some of mine :)

  2. I'd love to try the MAC one, but for a more cheaper option I think I'll try the Rimmel one ;) xxx

    1. They are both brilliant additions to your makeup collection :)

  3. Great picks - MAC Velvet Teddy is one of my favourite lipsticks too! x

  4. I love Velvet Teddy! It's one of my fave lipsticks.


  5. Mac Velvet Teddy is so popular and I can see they're really nice on the lips :)

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