Monday, 7 December 2020

Christmas makeup #1

 Hey lovelies. 

A couple of days ago i was having a little clear out of makeup, getting rid of old, expired makeup and putting a couple of barely used/new items on Depop. (Here is my Depop shop if anyone is interested!) And i realised i have so many red lipsticks that i love but only remember i have when it hits December! So i put together a couple of my favourites. All drugstore and budget friendly. 

(L to R) Two Studio lip glosses, sadly no name part of gift set last Christmas, Revlon 'Revlon Red, MUA 'Mini Two' also part of a gift set and Max Factor in 'Marilyn Ruby Red' 

All of these are super comfortable on the lips, long lasting and beautiful. None of them are matte so they aren't smudge proof, but i'm moving away from matte lipsticks and finding creme or glosses much more comfortable and flattering.  
Wearing Revlon 'Revlon Red' (My Favourite) Classic winged liner, lashes and red lip. My go to Christmas look. My next look with be more glittery so keep an eye out!

I'd love to know what lipsticks you are wearing this Christmas season?
Any i should try?


Saturday, 21 November 2020

Yankee Candle Dupe // B&M

Hello lovelies

Today post is just a super quick one, i've pop on here to tell you about a little dupe i found in B&M (one of the best places on earth! do you agree? alongside Home Bargains) Earlier in the week i popped in to look at the Christmas goodies and i picked up this Gingerbread Cookie candle it smells exactly like Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie candle, just £20 cheaper how good is that? They also have them in wax melts and room defusers. I picked up some wax melts but sadly no room defusers left. The scent is really strong too. I put the wax melt on my burner on the landing and the whole house smelled beautiful! The had a few other scents in the range, i believe a Christmas tree one and a vanilla one. 
I'd love to know have you tried this candle? 

Also I've made a depop shop! Here is my link if anyone is interested
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Saturday, 14 November 2020

Lockdown Nails.

 Good evening lovelies.

Hows everyone doing with the second lockdown? It is just me or does it feel completely different to the first one, i think it down to the weather, its dark and damp. A lot harder to go out and do things. I really enjoyed the first lockdown, i gave birth to Violet in April, we did so many house renovations, walks etc. This lockdown has affected my mood more than i thought it would. 

I feel like my choice of nail polish reflects that. I haven't worn black nail polish since i was a teenager when i went though my 'emo' stage. I forgot how much i love the look! This nail polish is Essie's 'Licorice'. I believe i got this is my Essie Advent Calendar a few years ago and i love it.  I've been wearing it for about a week now and nearly no chips!  

I'd love to know how you are coping with the second lockdown?
What have you been doing to keep spirits up?

Also I've made a depop shop! Here is my link if anyone is interested
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Sunday, 9 August 2020

DEPOP // My Experience // Tips for buying

 Hello darlings!

Depop is always something i've wanted to use as i've seen so many people get great bargains off of the site/app, but i've always been too nervous, the same with purchasing makeup off Ebay. You never know what you are going to get. If its real or fake? Has it been used? Is it sanitary? Is it a legit seller or a scammer?

 I recently decided just to go for it as there was a couple of Mac items i've wanted for a while and these were more than half the price of buying of of the Mac website. I purchased The Mac 15 'Cool' Eye shadow Palette for £20 RRP £50 and The Mac Burgundy X9 Eye Shadow Palette for £12 RRP £26. Both had been swatched but not used. I have sanitised them when they arrived.  

I thought i would do a little post on my experience and a few tips. I hope you enjoy!

These two Mac palettes are from two different sellers. Both lovely sellers i must saw, really sweet girls. Both messaged me shortly after i paid, saying thank you and kept me updated during the posting process. My items arrived quickly, well packaged and in good condition. 

Here are my 5 tips when purchasing off of Depop.

1. Before buying look at the sellers reviews, they should also leave you a review as a buyer too. Check that they sell legit items, that items were dispatched on the time they stated, and arrived in good condition. 

2. Check the RRP, don't pay more than the RRP, you might as well go to the original seller, at least then you have the guarantee that's its legit. Pre-worn/used items or products loose their value, something to bear in mind. Unless they are Limited Edition or rare.

3. Screenshot your confirmation and Paypal can also refund if you don't receive your items to up to 180 days i believe. 

4. Lots of sellers don't accept returns so make sure you carefully look at the photos and are 100% sure you want the item as you can't return.

5. Quite a few seller put 'message before buying' or 'don't buy through here' they are most likely trying to get out of paying Depop fees (they take 10%) or they might be scammers and will delete their account shortly after the transaction.

I purchased my two palettes from two lovely sellers and had a really good experience. I'd love to know what experiences have you had?

My Depop link. Whats yours? 


Monday, 27 July 2020

July Favourites // 2020

Hello darlings.

How is it almost August?! This year has gone so fast, self isolation, maternity leave, the lock down etc. But saying that its given me lots of time to really get stuck into doing thins i've wanted to do for ages. I've really been getting back into makeup, home wear, fashion recently and really enjoying blogging and especially Instagram recently. (My Instagram @Perfectfixation_) Therefore i have my first favourites of the year! I know, July, five months into the year, but if not i'm not feeling it or loving it i'm not going to fake it. I only blog and talk about items that i am genuinely enjoying and want to write about. So here are a couple of products i've been loving.
Mac Bronzer £23.50: I only got this bronzer last month but i'm really enjoying it. The powder is a satin finish, giving a very luminous affect on the skin. 'Lit from within' i should say. The texture is creamy, very blendable. Its quite pigmentented, so a little goes a long way. A really nice product.

Channel No5 £113.00 for 100ml: This perfume i have been wearing a lot this month, I was blessed to receive a bottle of Chanel No5 from my dad on my 16th birthday. I had nagged him for ages, i wanted the perfume that Marilyn Monroe had worn, i was (and still am) obsessed with her. So i wanted to have the famous Chanel No5. Also because it was Chanel, it was so grown up and no one else i knew had anything Chanel. To me it smells the same as it did nearly 10 years ago but i'm aware that perfume changes scent over time, It has always been store away from direct sunlight and always kept in its original box to preserve it.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lipstick in 'Buff' £18.00: I got this lipstick from TKmaxx last year. I love the colour which is a beautiful pinky-mauve. Its quiet similar to MAC Mehr. Very pretty and pigmented shade. I always keep this one in my handbag, as its great for eveyday use and goes with most makeup looks. 

No7 Skin Illuminator £12.50: Lastly, if you follow me on Instagram you will see i talk about this product a lot. I love it, i use a thin layer of this product underneath my makeup. It gives me a healthy glow, very natural and its great for summer. Its quick and easy product great for busy mums or of you are on the go a lot.

I'd love to know what are some of your July favourites?