Thursday, 23 January 2014

My Marilyn Monroe book collection.

 Everyone who knows me knows i have a deep love and admiration for Marilyn. So i thought i'd share which books i own. The best books i have read are the ones written by Marilyn herself. (Fragments and my story) I also really enjoyed the Michelle Morgan and J Randy Taraborrelli biographys)

  • Marilyn Monroe: The Personal Archive by Cindy De La Hoz.
  • American Museum book Marilyn, Hollywood icon.
  • Marilyn By Nick Yapp.
  • My story by Marilyn Monroe
  • Fragments: Poems, Intimate Notes, Letters by Marilyn Monroe
  • Little Book of Marilyn Monroe in the movies, Timothy Knight
  • Icons of our time, Marilyn Monroe by Marie Clayton
  • Marilyn Monroe: Private and Undisclosed: Michelle Morgan.
  • Goddess: The Secret Lives Of Marilyn Monroe By Anthony Summers. (The only book, i didn't particularly enjoy due to lots of contradictions/myths.)  
  • The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe By J Randy Taraborrelli 

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