Saturday, 1 February 2014

Products I’ve been loving.


  •  Vaseline, essential moisture body lotion. It makes my skin feel really smooth :) it smells really nice and doesn't dry my skin out.
  •  Nivea body lotion. I have been using this for years, I feel it’s perfect for light moisturising and it dry’s quickly leaving skin soft and smooth. 
  •  Batiste dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is a must have, I find the batiste products smell amazing and come in a range of different scents. And it long lasting, affordable and doesn't show up on your hair in random white patches! 
  • Superdrug own brand, lemon and tea tree shower gel. Smells amazing! And have a nice creaming feeling to it. 
  • Veet, hair minimising body moisturiser. I usually use this product in the summer when I have my legs more on display but I still use it a couple times a week. Although it leave my legs and under arms incredibly smooth I find it doesn't slow down the process of hair regrowth.  

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