Wednesday, 2 July 2014

London 2014

On the 19th June me and my friend Jess embarked on our adventure to London. 
We went from the 19th-21st June.
The trip was filled with small hotel rooms, loud air cons, annoying children on the train, attacked by ducks and squirrels, and illnesses.
But even with these situations it was awesome! We did so much! We went to Harrods, Hyde Park, St James Park, The V and A, (2 exhibitions), The National Gallery, we walked past Buckingham Palace, A bus tour, The tower of London, the Globe Theatre...
An exhausting few days, but so worth it.
Here is a few things we did :) 

I spent the previous day, the 18th, at Jess's house in Bishops Waltham. We spent time looking around the town and exploring the old ruins.

The houses of Parliament and Big Ben

The view from the other side.

Buckingham Palace.

Inside the V and A. 

Beautiful dresses from the V and A.

The Royal guards.

Outside Buckingham Palace, we happen to arrive at the time of the changing of the guards

The Princess Diana fountain. 

My teddy i bought from Harrods, which i named 'Alexandria'. 

Attack of the ducks!

Attack of the Squirrel! 

A memorial to the Bombers in World War Two. 

Big Ben.

The London Eye.

How small our hotel room was!! Jess can touch both walls!

Piccadilly Square, while on the bus tour.

At the Tower of London where the Crown Jewels are kept.

Tower Bridge 


Her Majesty's Theatre.

A statue of King George VI.

A guard.

St Paul's at night.

Guards coming down the Mall

A closer look.

Buckingham Palace.

One of the highlights of our trip was our visit to the Globe Theatre, where we saw Julius Caesar! It was one of the experiences that i will never forget.

Me by Big Ben and the houses of Parliament 

While we were in Harrods we had cream tea in cafe Florian ^_^ 

Our cream tea ^_^ 

Florian breakfast tea.


Things i bought in London.

JB xx

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