Thursday, 28 August 2014

£20 Makeup Challenge

Hello darlings

I love watching YouTubers do the £20/$20 makeup challenge and I love watching to see what products they use and if I can find any bargains! So I thought I would hunt through my makeup an try and see if I could get a full face of makeup in under £20…

£20 makeup challenge:
First I started with the MUA Undress me foundation (£5) I really like this foundation as its perfect match for my skin tone and its very light on the skin, perfect for summer.
Next I used the Natural Collection powder (£1.98) to set my foundation, this use to be my favourite powder for a long time but it doesn’t keep me matte all day like other powders i have used since used. But for the money its pretty good and good for people who don’t have oily skin.
MUA concealer (£1) I really love this concealer, its not a great as my Collection Lasting Perfection, but I think it has really good coverage and lasts a long time.
MUA blush (£1) I’m not a big blush person as you know, but I do really like the MUA blushes and think they are such great value for money so I thought I would use one instead of a bronzer. Also because I couldn’t fit a bronzer in my budget.... :(
Gotta fill in my eyebrows! and my product of choice for this challenge is the Rimmel eyebrow pencil (£2.99) I really like this product as its perfectly matches my brows and isn’t too waxy and can look really natural.
I love MUA single eyeshadows (£1) I think they are super great quality and are much more pigmented than you would think for the price.
This is one of my mascaras of choice at the moment Mascara Showtime by NYC (£1.99) The brush on this mascara is prefect size for my short eyelashes and its a great formula and great value, I really recommend it.
Collection eyeliner (£2.99) This isn’t the greatest eyeliner as I find its smudges easily and when my eyes water its ruins.
Finally my lipstick I have chosen Natural collection lipstick (£1.98) I really like these lipsticks, I find them really creamy and have a good colour range. The only thing is they rattle in the tube and snap really easily.

 Pretty good! Haha.  £19.93

I challenge you to to a full face of makeup in £20 or under!

JB xx


  1. I want to try this haha. Luckily you got just under £20.00 lol :)

    1. I know, it was actually harder than i thought it was going to be. You should!

  2. Wow, this shows that you can wear make-up on a budget! Great finds :)

    Style Sunrise☀


  3. I have to head to Boots now because after reading this I need some more products in my life!



    1. Haha, of course! You can get some great products that are great value for money. :)

  4. Beautiful post!
    Keep in touch xoxo