Monday, 11 August 2014

The Secrets Of Blogging Tag!

Hello darlings!
Today i was tagged by BlogThisWithHannah to do the secrets of blogging tag.
So here we go!

1.       When did you start blogging and why?
I stated blogging because i'd been reading blogs for years and i really wanted to start one myself but never thought i would be any good at it. I originally made my blog this time last year but was too nervous to blog, so i would just post the odd thing every few months, but this year i started to gain confidence and update more regularly.

2.       How many people in 'real life' know about your blog?
A couple of friends, but not my parents. They wouldn't be against it i just never found i needed to.

3.       What are your favourite posts to read?
I love reading tag posts and getting to know you posts. Also anything beauty and old Hollywood related. 

4.       List a blog you have recently discovered?
I recently found i love this fashion blog, her sense of style is amazing and i love all the things she posts. 

5.       What post are you most proud of?
Oooh i don't know, i am going to say my Sucker For A Perfume Advert post, as its something i came up with and hadn't seen done before, so it feels unique and special to me.

6.       What advice would you give to future bloggers?
Just write about what you want, don't write what you think people want to read and what everybody else is writing. Just have fun, its your personal space and you should enjoy it. 

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  1. Thanks for tagging me :) I'm sure I'll do this tag really soon!

    Mary x