Tuesday, 12 August 2014

My Top 5 Under £5

Hello darlings

Today i am going to do my top 5 under £5. This will be focused on makeup, i will also do a skincare version that will be up shortly, so look out for that! These are just my opinions and i thought they'd be helpful if you are just starting to experiment with makeup or are on a budget. Plus theses are just genuinely good products to have anyway :)
I hope you enjoy.

Lasting perfection concealer. £4.19

I think this is nearly everyone's favourite concealer! It offers good coverage, its water resistant, blends really well and has great shade range. The shade light is perfect for paler skins, which i find personally a God send because finding brands that produce a light that is light enough for me can be tricky. 

MUA blush £1

Next up is blushers, i'm not a big fan of blushers, as you know, but i think if you are looking for a good blusher that is affordable then begin with MUA single blushes. I have a couple of them and i think that 'cupcake' is perfect for beginners or for something a bit more natural! They aren't dusty and are really buildable! Which is great if your starting off as you may be a little heavy handed.... The only downside is you do have to re-apply half way through the day packaging looks a little cheap but the actual product is pretty good. Really pigmented and makes my cheeks look naturally flushed without being overdone.

MUA lipsticks £1

I LOVE MUA lipsticks! I find they are really moisturizing, creamy and long lasting. They have a great shade range, so there is a lot of variety. Also if you unscrew the bottom you have a cute lip balm. 

Rimmel Stay Matte powder £3.99

This is another favourite among most women, its an amazing powder. It creates a great matte finish that lasts a long time. Its great for oil/shiny skins and wonderful quality. Its definitely worth investing in one of these as they are only £3.99 and the product lasts for a really long time, so you don't have to keep re-purchasing! (Sorry for the bad quality picture, but it is much loved product and has been through the wars!)

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette £4

Last but not least is MUA palettes. I believe that every girl needs an MUA eyeshadow palette, they are wonderful quality, so affordable with great pigmentation. They have wonderful shade ranges with many different palettes, the one i have here is the 'Heaven and Earth one which has some wonderful browns and bronze colours. They have also produced several 'dupes' for the 'Naked palettes' by Urban Decay. The shadows easy to blend and long lasting but to make them last all day I do suggest a primer. 

I hope this post was helpful.
Do you have any good products that are under £5?

JB xx


  1. I love MUA products, definitely the best brand to go to if you're running out of pennies! I love the palettes especially, but I've recently tried the lipsticks and they are very nice :)

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    1. Definitely! I think they do produce some pretty good bargains :)

  2. Lovely post, I'm always after a bargain! I agree the lasting perfection concealer is amazing and I totally agree, I'm so pale so you're not the only one that's after extra light product shades haha! I will have to try the other products out!

    Thanks for the recommendations

    1. Thank you :) I'm glad i'm not the only one. I hope this post was useful :)

  3. I really want to try out MUA products!! I have never tried them!