Saturday, 23 August 2014

Whats in my bag: Summer 2014

Hello darlings.

Today i thought i would do the 'what is in my bag' tag. 
 Not the most exciting contents but i love reading these type of posts and i'm just really nosy!
So i thought i'd give it a go!  

My bag is from Primark ^-^ It was only £10 and is the perfect size!

 I should mention i haven't included my phone, as i took the picture with it, and also my inhaler, as it was on the side of the room and i forgot about it, oops.

So lets begin:
My glasses: I always carry them on me as i am practically blind, but i don't like wearing them but i know one day i may have to wear them full time.
Headphones: I ALWAYS carry music with me especially when it comes to walking to work or back from Uni, it is a must have! And yes sometimes i am that annoying person singing to myself walking past you. Nope, i'm not sorry :P
Aspirins: I always carry a supply of aspirins as i am prone to stress headaches.
Dry Shampoo: A must have!
Purse: Gotta have somewhere to keep my money and hundreds of store cards.... I am currently looking for a new purse, one that is a lot bigger and has more storage for cards. If anyone knows any good shops that sell large, but still cute, purses comment down below ^-^ Thank you darlings.
Book: I always carry a book on me, i like having something to read and as a history geek its usually a History book or about an old Hollywood star.
Deodorant: Another must have, especially in the summer.
Sunglasses: It is currently summer so i always carry a pair of sunnies in my bag, these ones are ones i got from Primark for only £1 and they are supper cute.
Keys: Always carry my keys, nothing much interesting there...
Camera: I'm always taking pictures so my camera is always in my bag as i never know when i might find something amazing to photograph.
Tissues: Always carry tissues, especially when i have hay fever and also if i ever use a public toilet, yeah enough said....
Lip balm: Its always in my bag!
Mirror: I carry two mirrors, yes two, i need two. One for my makeup bag and one just in the pocket in case i don't take my makeup bag with me, which is rare but it does happen.
Hair brush: Another standard must have.
Water: Especially a must in the summer and also then i don't have to keep buying drinks while i'm out. But to be honest it never works as i'm always in Costa.... Hmmm, there is a flaw in my plan. Oh well its there for emergencies!  
Dried fruit: I always carry dried apricots in my bag as you never know when you might get hungry. Especially when i'm in a lecture or get hungry at work.
Makeup bag: This is the main reason my bag is so heavy! That and my books. I always carry my makeup bag on me, you never know when you are gonna need a touch up or if you're staying overnight somewhere.

Reading it like this it looks like a lot, but it is all needed!
I hope you enjoyed reading this.

JB xx 


  1. Love the bag and the products you named! Want us to follow each other via GFC? Tell me if you do on my blog :)

  2. My essentials are definitely purse, headphones and water! Oh and little chocolate bar!
    Let's stay in touch! xx

  3. That bag is so great!!:)
    Keep in touch xoxo :)