Friday, 5 September 2014

Song Of The Week #9

Hello darlings

Its that time of the week again. 
This is the first song of the week of September, August went so fast!
This week our local park, Vcitoria Park, was showing Grease on big screens, sort of like a drive through but in picnic form. It was all done to raise money for charity. 
So this weeks song is from Grease! And can you guess which song?

Grease Lighting

I'd love to know whats you favourite song from Grease?

JB xx


  1. Lovely post-I'm your newest follower. Picking my favourite Grease song was insanely difficult, but I think I might have to settle for Summer Nights. Olwyn :') x

    1. I love that one too! :D Thank you and welcome :)

  2. Hello from one of your new followers, I love this, not many people think about the old films anymore, even if they are classics. I think my favourite is Summer Nights, but I also like the one where Sandy is singing at the sleep over and she puts the bit of paper in the paddling pool (that is my very rubbish description because I'm being far too lazy to google it haha)

    1. Hello! I completely agree with you. I know the song you mean, its 'hopelessly devoted to you' i love that one!