Thursday, 4 September 2014

New Cats!

Hello darlings

Today's post isn't a beauty one it is one of a furry nature....
Last week me and my family went to an events day at our local cats and dogs home. While there we watched the activities, ate some cakes, (lots), got soaked/covered in mud and came home with two cats...

We already have two cats Sooty and Maximilian <3 

Now we have four.... soon i will be the crazy cat lady! But it is a fate i am content with and willing to embrace as they are so cute.

Introducing Nicky and Montezuma (Monty). 

When we were looking at the cats we were only planning to get one, but the main thing we were looking for is a cat/cats that were alright around other cats. The cat and our own cats safety was top priority. There were not many cats that fitted, until we came to the two brothers. These two were cute, loving, affectionate and great around other cats! We knew we wanted them, although we were only looking for one cat we couldn't separate them, that would have been cruel.
Their names are both after two historical figures, Emperors in fact, but with me being a Historian and Royalist that was bound to happen!

Nicky <3

Monty <3

Awww. Look how cute their paws are! 

I hope you enjoyed reading this.

JB xx


  1. Kittens are so cute. I had one last year, so I know the feeling! I can't keep my eyes of them, because of their cuteness, haha :)

    Mary x

  2. Awww they are absolutely adorable, I'm such a cat lover. When I was walking back home today I kept on getting distracted by cats and having to stop to say hi to them lol