Monday, 6 October 2014

A Little Haul.

Hello darlings.

Today i have for you a little haul.
I recently did a little late night shopping and this is the result. But i spent under £25 so pretty good if i say so! The main reason i was looking was I've never tried any Makeup Revolution products before so i bought a couple to try as so many people rave about them. 

First i'll start with skin care.

I bought Simple kind to skin deep cleansing face mask. I've been looking for a new cleanser for a while as my current one is nearly all gone. *Sobs* I've heard people rave about this and i love the Simple brand so i though i'd give it a shot!
Second i bought Nivea's sensitive day cream, this was sort of an impulse buy and i look forward to seeing if its any good! I don't usually wear a day cream, i just use a moisturizer but i we shall see.

Next up makeup.

I bought two new nail polishes.
MUA 's pistachio ice cream, which is such a beautiful colour. I've wanted this for ages and at only £1 is awesome.
I also picked up a NYC nail polish in 246 park ave, again a beautiful colour, I've never tried a NYC nail polish before.

I picked up a Revlon quad from their colour stay range eyeshadows. I go it in 'addictive' I chose this one as it very neutral colours that i love and i thought they were perfect colours for Autumn. I also chose one of their single eyeshadows in 'bone' which is a matte shadow. I thought these were pretty cool as you collect them then they link together. I only bought one as the pictures on the website weren't great so i'll look at them when i'm in store.

I choose a MUA eyebrow pencil because i've been looking for a new one for ages and i'd never tried one from MUA before. I got it in blonde, although i am brunette but the brown one looked way too dark, so i went for the lighter one. 

Finally Makeup Revolution, i bought a eyeshadow palette, i got the 'run boy run' and it has a brilliant colour selection with a mixture of mattes and shimmers in neutral colours. I also got a single eyeshadow to try, i got that one in 'touch me', which i think would be a brillaint base colour. Lastly i bought a concealer and i got it in 'fair'. 

Run boy run.

I look forward to trying all these products and you can expect many reviews!
I hope you enjoyed this.



  1. I really like the look of the palette Run Boy Run. Was it an expensive one? Because I'm actually looking for a palette, so..

    Mary x

    1. It was £6 :) All Makeup Revolution palettes are good value.

  2. That palette looks amazing, saw it in store the other day and was so tempted by it!

    1. I was the same, it too me a few times to buy it but i'm so glad i did :)

  3. Lovely haul :) I really like the Essie polish shade, its beautiful x

    1. Thank you :) Actually its a MUA polish, it is beautiful.

  4. Love this post,it's soo nice :)
    Antonella :)