Saturday, 4 October 2014

My Top 10 Beauty Youtubers

Hello darlings. 

Today i am doing a post on my top 10 beauty Youtubers. 
I was originally going to do top 5 beauty and top 5 other such as comedy, music, travel etc but I couldn’t narrow it down! I just love so many. So this post is my top 10 beauty channels and i might do a separate post on my other favourite youtubers. Let me know if you'd be interested in seeing that. 
Also if any of them have blogs I will link them as well. 

1. Miss Budget Beauty.

I’ll start off with my favourite youtuber, Miss Budget Beauty. I love her I wont lie, we are so similar, its crazy. I can listen to her all day, when I’m cooking, cleaning, getting ready in the morning. I feel like we are friends, and yes i know that sounds creepy. She also has two other channels which I think you should check out. 

2. Sprinkle Of Glitter
I love Louise, shes so awesome, helpful and genuinely a nice person. I love her videos and I find shes so down to earth and normal. I'm so proud of how far she has come and Darcy is just so cute. Its been brilliant watching her grow up.

3. Lisa Eldridge 

I first saw Lisa on 10 years younger (I use to be obsessed with that show, but looking back I realise how awful the fashion advice was!!) But i loved Lisa and found her so skillful. I love her tutorials shes so talented and helpful. I highly recommend you watch her Marilyn Monroe tutorial, it’s the only decent (in my opinion) one out there as she talks about the Marilyn as a person and the products shes actually used. Plus I also love Lisa's history of makeup videos. 
Her website

4. Goss
This man is a genius, he so sassy, plus hes from Somerset so his accent comes through sometimes! Which I love as I live in Somerset, well on the border! I still count it! He my favourite male makeup artist, his tips and techniques are so helpful and I love his random ramble videos and he is just a lovely man. 

5. Zoella
What can I say about Zoe? Everyone loves her and that is because she perfect and so real. I love that about her. I love her makeup, clothes, style, taste and her hair! And i can't wait to try her new beauty range! Plus Alfie's pretty cute too ;)
Her blog

6. The CherryDollFace
Cherry is one of the first YouTuber I subscribed too, I always wanted to be a pin up model! Or at least have the style and her how-to videos are the best! I find them easy to follow and she does them for all hair and skin types. Shes such a lovely person and I love her life. And her tattoos! 

7. Gabby 
Gabby is a new discovery, I found her after watching her in a Zoella video. I find her delightful, I feel like we are so similar. Again I love her style and taste, especially in house hold items/interior design, just like Zoe, she is brilliant. I also love her vlogs!
Her blog

8. Abbey
I love Abbey's style, shes so pretty and has such great taste and again I love her hair! She is also very intelligent and i love that about her and watch she says on her Twitter. Plus I love her voice and shes a great singer. Shes like a old Hollywood gem in the 21st century and its fantastic. 

9. Lauren 
Lauren is a very, very talented and super helpful makeup artist. She has a wide range of videos for all different styles, skin types and people. Again she has the loveliest accent and so cheeky and bubbly and i really enjoy watching her when i'm getting ready in the morning. 

10. Jade 
Lastly, Jade is my most recent find, again lovely voice, seems to be a theme here! I guess i just like to have a nice voice to listen too, that doesn't sound creepy at all... I love her style and shes such a nice down to earth, genuine person.  Plus i love her face dress tutorials, she is so creative.
Her blog

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post and i hope you check some of these guys out. 
I'd also love to know do you watch any of their channels? Or if there are any you think that i should check out, i always love finding new people to subscribe to.


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