Wednesday, 1 October 2014

September Favourites 2014

Hello darlings.

How can it already be October? I've said it before where has this year gone? 
It is that time of the month again, my September favourites. I always love doing these types of posts as i love looking back at all the different products i've loved over the months.

I'll start off with skincare:
First product is a rediscovery, its the Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturiser. I use to worship this moisturiser its great for helping get rid of blemishes and preventing them from returning. This past month i've had a few bad break outs from stress and trying new products, and this has helped me so much. 
Next is Superdrug's Own Brand Exfoliating Face Mask, in Superberry. This product i used quite a few time this month and LOVED, but the last time i used it i had a bad skin reaction which lasted a couple of days. Luckily my Revlon colour stay helped conceal it. The reason i have still included it in my September favourites is that it was one of my favourites and i really love it and am unsure why after several weeks my skin had a reaction. 
Last skin product is Dove's Fine Silk Hand Wash. I love this so much, it has a wonderful smell and it is really moisturising on the skin. 

Next up fragrance: 
I have been loving The Body Shops, Vanilla Body Mist. This has the most wonderful sweet smell that i love wearing with any perfume. It just give that little bit extra and you only need the smallest amount! 

Now for the important part, makeup!

This month my choices are products i have mentioned in other favourites post, but that is because i do genuinely love them and will continue to do so.
First up is Revlon Colour Stay Foundation. This is my favourite foundation at the moment, it provides that perfect amount of coverage and it is my perfect shade match, which is 'Buff'. It has the perfect paleness but still has those yellow undertones that many pale foundation shades lack and instead usually are too pink. (you can read my review here)
Next up, a familiar favourite is the Naked Basics Palette. This is the perfect everyday palette with the perfect range of nudes/ neutrals. I can't wait to get the Basics 2!
A new favourite this month is blush. I am not a person who usually wears it because i am naturally very pink anyway and it just looks too much. But MUA's Blush in 'Cupcake' is perfect, its a soft very pale pink that is perfect for adding just a little colour to my cheeks without looking too much.
To apply this blush i have been using Barry M Blush Brush which is an amazing blush bush that is the perfect size to apply the product without it looking too cakey.

I hope you enjoyed this post and would love to know what products you've been loving this month 



  1. Iv recently been using the Revlon foundation and love it! Its amazing. Great post. Iv just done my september favourites if you would like to check it out x
    Emma | Everything Beauty

    1. Thank you, its a great foundation :) I'll have a look now.

  2. Great post, think I'll definitely be looking up the MUA blush, always look at them but never buy them!
    Tara x

  3. The Superdrug one sounds good, shame about the skin reaction though.

    1. Yeah it was really annoying, but i like their other face masks. :D

  4. Great review :)