Monday, 8 December 2014

My No7 Advent Calendar Opening: Week 1 | Perfect Fixations

Hello darlings
Today i have for you a post on my No7 advent calendar.
I always love watching Youtubers opening their beauty advent calenders so i thought i'd of my own version, but in blog form. What i'm planning to do, rather than do it everyday, i'll do it weekly so i'll show you everything i got from that week. I thought it would be a great way of letting you know what you get, whether it was worth the money, do i like it and also if anyone else also got this calendar we can compare/discus what we think if it.
This calendar was £35 and is suppose to have the value of £135. So lets see!
I hope you enjoy :)

Day 1 The first day i got this skin illuminator 10ml, it suppose to be put all over your face before you put your foundation on to give you a nice natural glow from within. But i found it makes my face way to shimmery for my liking so i've been using it as a highlighter. Which i really like. Its not something i'm going to go out and repurchase but i'm happy that i got it. On the Day 2 i got my favourite product so far a high shine lip crayon 1.4g, it doesn't tell me the shade which is really annoying so if i want to repurchase (which i will if it ever runs out) i'll have to make sure i test them and guess. This crayon is amazing, its such a pretty colour, at first i was worried it was going to be too pale and give me that 'dead look' but i really like it plus its so creamy, great for the winter! Day 3 I got an eye shadow brush, this is just a normal standard brush, but it will always come in handy! Day 4 Next up i got a Youthful eye serum 7ml, this i am interested to try, i've never used any eye creams before but i'm looking forward to seeing how this works. Day 5 I received a sweet little nail polish in 'Highland Mist' 4ml this is such a cute colour, not very wintry but i'll definitely get some use out of this in the Spring! Day 6 was a mascara called Lash Impact Intense Volume Control, this i haven't tried but from the look of it sounds good. My main worry is the brush is a little of the big side and i have very small eyelashes, so hopefully it won't be too tricky!  The last day of this week Day 7 i got an Eye shadow, again unknown colour it just says part of the Good Earth Trio. This is such a wearable shade for this me of year, its a beautiful shimmer brown shade that isn't too glitter and its really pigmented!

Overall i'm very pleased with the first week of my No7 Beauty Calender, its a good mix of makeup and skin care, i can't wait to open some more! 
I'd love to know do you have this calender? What are your thoughts? Or do you have another one and are you liking it? Let me known down in the comments!



  1. I really like the look of the things you get in this calendar. I could have bought this one myself. Maybe next year.
    But I want to know what's behind the 25. It looks very special to me, haha :)
    I'm interested what you'll get next from this advent calendar.

    Mary x

  2. These are all such good goodies! Fab idea to use the illuminator as a highlight :)

    Style Sunrise ☀


  3. That calender just so cute and stylish, everything is going to be fashionable

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