Sunday, 21 December 2014

My No7 Advent Calendar Opening: Week 3 | Perfect Fixations

Hello darlings
Today i have for you the 3rd week of my No7 Advent calendar opening!
On day 15 i got a Black Eyeliner Pencil, at first when i saw this i thought it was going to be gold which would have been cool since i don't own an gold eyeliners, but alas its just a plain black one. But it shall come in handy. Then day 16 A lip Brush i never usually use a lip brush but its another useful makeup brush. Day 17 Intense Volume Mascara, i'm so glad i got another mascara as i really like the first, this one has a nice wand so i look forward to trying this! Day 18 This is by far my favourite item of the week, its beautiful shimmery pale eyeshadow. I've been really impress by the quality of the shadows i have got in this calendar and i can't wait to try some more. Day 19 A little Nail Polish 4ml in 'Disco Ball, a really pretty sliver glitter, that can be layered on a any nail polish, perfect for this season and for a party! Day 20 A small Hand Cream, its only 10ml, which is super tiny but its the prefect size to put in my handbag. Plus in the winter you never have enough hand creams! Last but not least day 21 A full size Metallic Eyes Pencil. This is such a beautiful colour! Its very pigmented and creamy and i can't wait to wear this. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this, here are part one and two if you missed it :)
Overall this week was more makeup unlike last week which was the opposite, so it been a good amount of both. So far i am really impressed by this calendar! 

I'd love to know do you have this calendar? What are your thoughts so far? Let me known down in the comments!



  1. I was so close to getting this calendar this year, I really should have :)
    Merry Xmas !!

    Alice x

  2. What a lovely calender! I wish they sold them here in Australia! x

    Angela // The Sunday Chapter

    1. Thank you :) Hopefully they will next year!

  3. I think you got some amazing things for the week! I love how they include brushes too :) xx

    Velvet Blush

  4. I love No7, definitely regret not picking this calender up!

    Style Sunrise ☀


  5. Everytime I see your post about this calendar, I regret not buying it. I have to buy next year for sure!

    Mary x