Sunday, 28 December 2014

My No7 Advent Calendar Opening: Week 4 | Perfect Fixations

Hello darlings
Today is the 4th and final week of opening my Advent Calendar, as Christmas is now over for another year. *Inserts sad face* 
On Day 22 i got he most beautiful colour 4ml Nail Polish in the shade 'Deep Wine' this is so a colour i would wear/buy and perfect for this season! Day 23 a Brown Eyeliner Pencil, a good standard brown pencil that i can use for a more softer look. Then on Day 24 a Night Cream 25ml, i don't like the smell of this but i can't wait to give it a try as i'm really enjoying the day cream. The very last door of this calendar Day 25 was this doubled ended nail polish duo both 4ml, in the shades Cheeky Chops (the pink) and Hot To Trot (the gold). Perfect for a new Years Party, the gold is just lovely!

Overall i have thoroughly enjoyed opening this calendar this month! Its so much fun having a new beauty or makeup item each day. I think it was defineitly worth the money and i will be definitely getting another one next year! Whether it be a No7 one or another one, i think they are a brilliant idea.

I'd love to know did you have this calendar? What are your thoughts so far? Or did you have another one? Let me known down in the comments!



  1. Aww I'm so sad Christmas is over now, this one looks like it was a great advent calendar though :) Love that nail varnish colour!

    1. I'm sad its over too. Me too, its so pretty :)