Thursday, 26 March 2015

Lets Talk Brows.... | Perfect Fixations

Hello darlings.

Brows brows brows, the bane of many of our lives. I've struggled with my brows for the longest time. I started plucking them at around 13 and i have never been happy with them since, part of me feels like i should just have left them alone! My brows takes the longest part of my makeup routine, even longer than trying to get my liner even! So today post is just exploring what you can do with your brows and how to find out whats right for you :)

I'll start of with telling you a little about mine. One of my eyebrows is higher than the other and it just naturally grows that way, i can't change that. My left brow has more of a round arch and the other more pointed. Plus one is more sparse than the other. But they do say that your brows are sisters not twins! So its ok, The only thing i can do it try to match them and realise thats all i can do, they wont ever be perfect. I think there is a lot of pressure for them to be 'perfect' and i do agree the do make they face but they don't have to be on how everyone else's are.
There are many different ways to go about shaping, filling and maintaining your brows. 

Shape: There are many different ways to go about it and its all down to personal preference. You could either professionally get them waxed or do them at home. There is threading, this is what i get done, its super quick and inexpensive. Lastly plucking, the scary one, this is what i did for many years and still do to maintain the shape. But don't do it late at night as i feel that when it goes wrong! 

Personally i would advise getting them professionally shaped at least once as a starting point just to get the shape and then maintain them yourself. 
Filling and defining them: Again there are several ways to go about this and its all down to what you like not what you think you have to do. There is tinting, pencils, pens, powders and gels. There are so many options, different methods work for different brows. So people have thick brows while other have sparse. Pencil and powder can be good for sparse but thicker brows sometimes only need a tint or gel, but there are no rules, its up to what YOU feel comfortable with. If you want to shave them off and draw them on then thats great, its your choice!! The only way to really know is trial and error. Test products out and i know this can be annoying but sometimes it the only way.

Some people have perfect brows but i learnt to love my annoying uneven brows!

I hope you liked this post :)
I'd love to know what so you think? How do you maintain your eyebrows?



  1. gels are soooooo great! if you ever get a chance, try the anastasia brow gel or pencil or any product really, they are so awesome!

    1. Oooh i'll keep that in mind, i use normal clear gel to set my brows but i've always wanted to try the Anastasia brow products.