Saturday, 2 May 2015

April Favourites 2015 | Perfect Fixations

Hello darlings
Today post is my April favourites, this year has gone so fast, soon it will be summer, yay! Apart from i still don't have the perfect bikini body, but its ok i still have my cake! Anyway now on to my favourites. I've been so busy this month with Uni, i've handed in so many essays and special assignments and done so many presentations so there hasn't been that many items/products that have been favourites compared to usual. I haven't worn as much makeup this month, but there are a couple that have been my go to items.
I hope you enjoy :)
First up is a re-discovery, the Naked Basics Palette. Its a great everyday neutral palette, i use to be obsessed with it but i kind of forgot about it as i've really been enjoying shimmery eye shadows this year. Next up is a Essie Nail Polish in 'Not just a petty face' I LOVE this nail polish (A link if you would like to see how it looks on my nails) Its the perfect colour for spring, a really pretty pale pink. The Maybelline The Eraser Eye Concealer, i mentioned this concealer in a favourites a few months back. Its great for under the eyes and its easy to blend. Lastly another Maybelline product this time its the Maybelline Liquid Liner. Liquid liner is my go to look. Its quick and easy. This one especially is good as the pen is thin so you get a thin neat line, which is great for hooded eyes!
The last item isn't a beauty product more of a beauty book. Love, Tanya This is the only Youtuber book i have bought as its more my kind of thing, compared to the Pointless book or Zoella's Girl Online (i'm sure they are great tho!) But i do really want to get Shane's 'I Hate My Selfie' and Dan and Phil's 'The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire' book. Love, Tanya is full of really beautiful images and helpful tips. Its great because i can just open it on a random page and read a section! I picked this up when i was in Scotland at Easter and i've been in love with it ever since.  

I'd love to know what are some of your April favourites?



  1. I love this Maybelline eyeliner, it's much easier to use comparing to some previous ones I had. I have to try Naked Basics palette. I have the original Naked palette, so I guess they have a similar quality.

    Mary x

    1. I think Urban Decay's eye shadows have amazing quality. :D

  2. I have always wanted to try the naked basics palette! I must start saving up for it :)

    1. I think its a really good investment :)