Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Bargain Buy: Ebay Brushes | Perfect Fixations

Hello darlings.

Today post is a first impressions of some new brushes i purchased from Ebay last week. After reading Makeup Savys blog post on Ebay Bargains, (here) i saw a brush set that i just had to have. Most of the makeup brushes i own are real techniques, which are around £8-12 each or sets for £20/22 so when i saw i could get this set of 10 brushes for £6.85 i just i had to buy them then and there! So here are my first thoughts and impressions and were they worth it.
I hope you enjoy :)
The Face Brushes:
Left to Right: a Flat Angled Kabuki, a Angled Kabuki, a Tapered Kabuki, a Flat Top Kabuki and a Round Top Kabuki
Eye Brushes:
Left to Right: a Precision Flat Angled, a Precision Angled, a Precision Tapered, a Precision Flat and a Precision Round.
The delivery arrived within a week, each brush was individually wrapped and it was well presented. I'm going to list the pros and cons of this set to give you a fair idea of what you get.

First off they are really nice quality, they haven't shred yet. The brushes are made with synthetic hair but its really soft. The handles are made with a light weight material. The set comes with 10 brushes, its a great set for a beginner or someone who is a makeup artist. The face brushes i especially like and can see myself getting a lot of use out of them. The face brushes are dense, so good for liquid products and good for buffing liquid products into the skin. 

There isn't too many cons, the set only came in black and silver, which i don't mind but i think a few more colour combinations would have be nice. I haven't checked but other sellers might do other colours. When they arrived they had a horrible plastic smell which i guess is to expected as they are so cheap, but after washing them they smell fine. The eye brushes are too big for my small eye lids, but they can be used instead for concealer and highlighter so i'll still use them but its something to note.

Overall i think for under £7 they are a real bargain, even if you only like half of them its a pretty good deal. Great if you are on a budget or just staring with makeup.
You can purchase them here.

I'd love to know have you tried any brushes from Ebay?



  1. This is such a good bargain! Honestly I don't really use brushes very often but I really want to find a good eyeshadow brush somewhere as I hate blending with my fingers - as I get eyeshadow everywhere haha.

    1. Yeah i find eyeshadow brushes shard to find, they are either too small or too large.

  2. Wow this is so good!
    I definitely will need to look for a deal like this!

  3. I think it's really a great deal for such a price :)
    xx Ama


  4. Never thought of buying makeup brushes on eBay! Thanks for the review

    BCfactor blog

  5. What a bargin.... Wish i had some money lol

    Great post :)

  6. You're so cute! Xoxo