Thursday, 24 September 2015

Beauty Haul: Superdrug/TK-Maxx/Primark I Perfect Fixations

Hello darlings.

Its been a while since i've been shopping for makeup, i've been much more focused on clothes and my hair, but over the last few weeks i've picked up a couple of products and i thought i'd share them with you.
I hope you enjoy :)
Items pictured: Makeup: 
I picked up few products i've had my eyes on for a while, which include:
Makeup Revolution Radiance Palette  i've seen so many blog post about this palette and its been on to-buy list for ages and now i finally picked it up and have to say i love it, they are so pigmented and beautiful! I saw Becca Rose talk about loving the Primark P.S Love Eyebrow Pencil, so i picked one up in 'Brown, i have to say the colour is too orange for my brows so i am a little disappointed. I then picked up this Maybelline One By One Mascara in 'Brownish Black' in TK-Maxx, i have yet to try it but i look forward to it.  In the Superdrug store in Cribbs Causeway they reduced all their 2True products down to a £1 so i picked up this 2True Matte Lipstick in 'Shade one' which is  lovely colour, it isn't too dry and it is really creamy on the lips. I love Sleek products and i originally planned to get the face form palette but they didn't have the palette in light so instead i picked up the Contour Kit in 'Light', the highlihter in this little palette is gorgeous! and not too over the top. I picked up another lipstick this time from Gosh, i haven't tried many of their products before, i got one of their Matte Lipsticks in 'Rose', which i am totally in love with and will be my mentioned in my next lip of the week i plan to try more from Gosh as i found the lipstick to be such good quality. Lastly i picked up 2 MUA Nail polishes in 'Bullet' and 'Lavender' i haven't tried many of the MUA nail polishes but i've heard good things about them and i really like theses colours, they were only £1 so i thought why not! 
Items pictured:
My last blog post was about my new minimal skincare routine, but i picked up a couple of new things as i couldn't resist! I picked up a new Exfoliator as my L'Oreal one is near the end, i got the Simple clear to skin Exfoliator, which i am hoping will help with my breakouts. I also bought the bigger size bottle of the Garnier Micellar Water as i've used up my small travel size one and i am completely in love with it. Lastly i bought the Witch Blemish Stick in hope that this will help with my breakouts especially on my chin! So keep a look out for my review! 

I'd love to know have you tried any of these products?
What have you bought recently and have been loving?



  1. I really like MUA nail polishes :) I think that they are great value for money - they don't last as long as some other ones, but for one pound each you definitely can't go wrong! I tried out the Maybelline 'One by One' mascara in black, and sadly, I wasn't the biggest fan. But then again that might just be because I absolutely love Maybelline 'the falsies', so I might be biased hahah.
    Lovely post xx

  2. Those MUA nail polish look such perfect shades for autumn! Lovely post x