Monday, 9 November 2015

Glamour Magazine: Clinique Lipstick I Lip Of The Week #16

Hello darlings.

Like many other girls as soon as i saw Glamour Magazine were giving away Clinique products in this months issue i ran out to get mine. I was originally hoping to get the nude lipstick but was out of luck, so i pick up 'Cherry Pop' and i am pleasantly surprised, its the most gorgeous bright red colour. 
As always i'll start with the packaging, i love it, its teeny tiny so perfect for your hand bag, its sleek and feels nice in my hands. The lipstick its self is really pigmented, moisturising and long lasting. The finish is almost matte but more satin. I don't think its an everyday red most of a special occasion red, but nonetheless i really like it and i am glad i picked one up.
Full size is £16 :)

I'd love to know did you pick up any of the Clinique products?
What do you think of this lipstick?

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  1. Such a pretty colour! x

    Charlotte ~

  2. I loved cherry pop too, although I did mange to get both (one from a subscription) :)

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    1. Lucky! I do really want the nude one too :)

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