Saturday, 2 January 2016

Hello 2016: Happy New Year

Hello darlings.

A new year a new start.
Can you believe it is already 2016? 2015 has just flown by, so much has happened. I entered my third year of University (can you believe this year i graduate, me with a degree!! i would never have imagined) I have lost a couple of friends this year and made some new ones, i also met my wonderful Will which has been an amazing experience falling in love wiht each other. 2016 will mark 2 years having my job which i have also enjoyed, i can't believe i have kept a job for that long! haha. I'm not one for making News Years resolutions as i know i will either not stick to them or completely forget about them, but this year i am going to set myself a couple of goals.

A new attitude towards blogging: 
This year i'm going to change my attitude towards blogging, to begin with i really enjoyed blogging and took great pleasure in writing and photographing whereas for most of 2015 i found it more of a job and a chore than a pleasure (apart from the last month or so where i have really got back into it and loved it!) I'm going to rethink how i blog, i'm going to take more time and put more thought into what i blog about. I'm gonna start with a minimum of 2 posts a week (i do have a dissertation to write so i don't want to overload my work load) and see how i get on with it.

New post ideas: 
I would like to start more series on my blog. I want to start a month in pictures series, just a handful of pictures that sums up my month, things i've done, place ive been and just general aspects of my life. I was originally planning a week in picture style post but not much happens each week to make it interesting enough for a blog post. I want to start a fitness series, i'm planning on changing my eating habits and lifestyle, not a diet something more sustainable, as diet imply's that once you're goal is achieved you stop, whereas what i am planning is something i can stick to for life. I also have many more ideas! Lets see how long i stick to it!

Make more blogger friends: 
I would like to have more relaxed and interactive chat posts. One for the main reasons i started blogging was to meet and make more friends as i was pretty lonely at the time and 2 years later i don't feel i've achieved this so in 2016 i am going to come out of my comfort zone, move past my shyness and try and interact with more people and hopefully make some more friends. 

Over the past year i have made a couple of videos and i have really enjoyed it. One afternoon Will and myself were hanging out and Will suggested out of the blue (he doesn't know about the ones i've already made.... not many of my friends do) that i'd be good at making makeup videos as he likes the way is so my makeup. It was really sweet of him to suggest something like that and i'm seriously considering it. I'm not gonna promise anything as i do have a dissertation to write and shifts to work so i don't know how consist i could upload them but i'm gonna try!

Uni will be my priority:
Lastly for the next 5 months i will be making my degree a priority, i finish in May and after that i will dedicate more time to blogging but for the time being my education must come first (after all i'm paying £9,000 a year!) and i only have a short time left, then the world is my oyster as they say! 
(Will and myself)

I'd love to know have you set any goals for 2016?

I hope you all have a wonderful 2016! 

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  1. Good luck with your blogging goals and all the best for the last months of uni! I know you are going to do really well x

  2. Good luck with your goals! I also set some goals for myself too and have a post up on it! You and will look so cute together by the way :)

    Yousra | Mystic Tales