Thursday, 26 May 2016

Lip of the week #23 MAC lip liner in Edge to Edge

Hello darlings

A couple weeks ago i popped into town looking to buy Mac Faux but after swatching it i decided it was too similar to my Brave lipstick and i couldn't justify having both. Maybe one day i coould but that day wasn't today. So i decided to get a lip liner and the one that stood out to me the best was Edge to Edge. 
I'll start of by saying i love the packaging, its sleek and matte. The product itself is quite dry compared to other lip liners i've tried, for example to Rimmel or Essence ones. I do suggest putting on a lip balm or something first just to stop your lips drying out. But it is quite creamy and smooth once it is applied and it is long lasting. I think it works really well as a base coat for lots of lip sticks, i find it especially works well with Brave. The shade is good for my skin tone, but may wash out paler skin tones. Its easy to apply and it is very pigmented, which is always a win. One of the great things with MAC lip liner sis there is a wide selection of colours that you just can't find on the high street. Edge to Edge is a lot pinker than i was expecting but nonetheless it will be amazing for the summer. 

You get 1.45g for £12.50. I will definitely be going back to make for some more! I have my eye on Whirl next. Let me know if you've tried whirl and what your thoughts are on it

You can purchase Edge to Edge here

I'd love to know have you tried any MAC lip liners?
Have you tried this one?


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