Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Spring/Summer Makeup // The Pink Edit

Hello darlings.

Its that time of year when we put away our dark and berry tone makeup and introduce all the pinks and pastels. Now i'm not going to lie, i'm not the biggest fan of the colour pink i don't wear it and there is very little in my house. The only exception is on my face, especially in the Spring time. I have quite a pale skin tone so pinks can be very flattering, whether they be neutral pinks, pastel or brights. In this post i'm going to share with you some good budget makeup products. I hope i give you some inspiration! 
First up is Essie's 'Fifth Avenue' (£7.99), this is my favourite Essie nail polish. It is a gorgeous bright pink, i don't usually wear pink on my nails i normally go for red or a nude (and every now and again a black) but this just called out to me in the shop and i've loved it ever since. The other nail polish in this post is Barry M 'Shocking Pink' (£2.99) This is a very barbie pink, again not my usual but when i bought this a few years ago i decided to go out of my comfort zone and i'm so glad i did. Barry M are my favourite nail polishes, they are in my opinion the best from the drugstore. 

The L'Oreal Highlighting Palette (£8.99) i recently wrote a review for this palette, link. This palette gives you the perfect summer glow. Its a three in one palette, so it works for blush, highlight and bronzer. Or as they are all shimmery they can be used as highlighters for three different skin tones, depends if you want/need a pink, golden or bronzed highlight. A great multitasking product! Another blush is the Seventeen Blusher in 'Plum Puff ' (£2.99) this is my all year round blusher, it the perfect neutral pink that is gorgeous on all skin tones, its a great addition to anyone's makeup bag. Lastly for cheeks, is another great drugstore brand for blush, Sleek blush in Pomegranate (£4.99). Initially looking at this its a little scary, its so easy to apply to much and end up with the clown look or the 5 year old using her/his mother's makeup!! But apply just a tiny amount leaves the most beautiful shade on ones cheeks,
I only have one palette for eyes, i could have included the Urban Decay Naked 3 but i wanted to make this budget friend, and the Urban Decay is nearly £40. This amazing palette is just a 10th of the price, Freedom Secret Rose Palette (£4) is only £4, can you believe it?! This has a good range of pink, purples, rose golds and crease colours, perfect for Spring and Summer. 

The first lip liner is another Freedom product, i love this lip liner in Nude (£2.99) its the perfect pink/brown shade. Its a great liner to use as a base for your lipstick and to slightly over draw your lips, is that still a thing? The other lip liner is L'Oreal 'Rose Tendre' (£3.99), this is my favourite lip liner, its the perfect colour pink, i normally just wear this on its own. Its pigmented and very creamy. I also think this shade would be flattering on all skin tones. I have to admit i've cheated with my next one, this isn't the most budget friend lip product, but at least its not a £28 Chanel lipstick, its Mac Brave (£15.50). This is a gorgeous everyday pink, its a velvet so its not drying but its very pigmented. Lastly is the only liquid lipstick of this post, the Bourjois Matte Finish Liquid Lipstick (£8.99). This is another bright colour lipstick, although its in the shade nude-ist i'd say on the lips is very bright pink. Bourjois are one of the best brands for liquid lipsticks that aren't drying and make you wanna rip it off your lips after 5 mins. They are comfortable and long lasting, what more do you need.

I'd love to know what are some of your Spring favourites? 
Have you tried any of these products?

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  1. The Freedom lip liners are so good aren't they? Great picks.. i'm slowly getting into pinks for Spring.. this post is giving me great inspiration for products to pick up for Spring.. the Bourjois liquid lipstick sounds amazing!


  2. What a gorgeous collection of products! I love the MAC lipstick, Brave was my first; such a gorgeous colour!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  3. Such pretty picks. I love using Sleeks blush in Rose Gold in the summer x

    LAURA ­| Laura Thinks About

  4. I'm the opposite..I love pink! So many great picks here. I have always wanted to try Sleek's Pomegranate blusher xxx

    1. Thank you :) I hope you get a chance too!

  5. All this pink makeup is so pretty! I absolutely love the vibrant nail shades :)

    Rachel xx