Friday, 12 May 2017

Trying a Foundation Primer....

Hello darlings.

Whats makes a good base? Primers, you here so many people emphasize how important primers are, if i'm honest i rarely bother, i just find them an extract step in my makeup routine. But i thought to myself why not give them a go and see what all the hype is about. I do use eye primers quite a lot but rarely base. i just use a moisturizer under my foundation. I have dry skin so my makeup tends to last pretty decently by itself. But i saw this No7 product said 'airbrushed' and i was intrigued! The one i tried was the No7 Airbrush Away Primer, I got this in a Christmas set from my brother last year. I did a little research and its £16.50 for 30ml which isn't the cheapest baring in mind Rimmel, Maybelline, Collection etc all do primers in the drugstore. But of its good its worth the price, right?
I'll start with the packaging as that is the first thing that you see. The packaging is really nice, it feels quite luxurious, not cheap looking at all. I have to say i'm quite a fan of the black and silver, one of my favourite colour combinations at the moment! Its the colour theme of my new bedroom! When testing this primer i did both with and without moisturizer underneath, i have to admit on its own it still clinged to my dry patches which was annoying. Applying a thin layer of my favourite Simple moisturizer made all the difference! With the moisturizer it applied really smoothly but sadly the 'airbrushed', look i was really looking forward to seeing didn't really happen but it definitely provided a good base for my foundation. The product applied easily, it made my skin feel smooth and silky which transferred through my foundation. I think girls without dry skin would find this product really good. I'm not sure about oily skinned girls, i'd love to know if anyone with oily skin has tried this product? i'd love to hear your input. Another thing that let down this product was the scent, but i don't really like the No7 skincare scent anyway, sorry No7...  
Overall i really liked it and i'm glad i got it for Christmas but i wouldn't say it was worth £16.50 and i wouldn't repurchase it. For me as i still had to use something underneath as well so i'll just stick to my moisturizer or i might try another drugstore one. But for girls with normal/oily skin would probably get on really well with it.

I'd love to know have you tried this product?
What primer would you recommend? 

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  1. I have an oily skin. But the product is worth a try :)

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    1. If you try it i'd love to know your thoughts :)

  2. Ah gutted this didn't work for you! I use the Too Faced hangover primer and that works so well for dry skin xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  3. That's so annoying that it clung to your dry patches! My fave primer from the drugstore is the L'Oreal idfalliable one.. I have dry skin too and it works well as a base before foundation


  4. I have tried quite a lot of different primers. Thanks for the review.

    Rachael xox

  5. Sorry to hear you won't be repurchasing this one, it can be so tricky to find the 'perfect' primer! I'm yet to try any products by No7, so this review was super helpful :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice | Worldwide NARS Beauty Giveaway x

  6. I love primers and cant do makeup without them on my oily/combo skin. Its a shame this didn't impress you so much. Luckily there are so many to choose from so hopefully you find your perfect primer soon xxx

  7. Thats a shame! But least it was gifted to you first!
    Kate xx