Sunday, 4 June 2017

Jackson Reece Herbal Wipes

Hello darlings. 

Sorry i haven't posted for a week, my new house doesn't have wifi so i haven't been able to post. I'm at my parents house for the day so i'm using their wifi to upload that why i'm posting on a Sunday instead of my usual Tuesday and Friday. Jackson Reece very kindly contacted me a month ago and asked me if i would be interested in testing out some of their baby products and with the amount of baby wipes i'm getting through with Isaac of course i said yes. Jackson Reece are a brand that creates herbal baby wipes for children with eczema and sensitive skin, hypoallergenic and demagogically approved. Both on their packets and website (link) list all their natural ingredients. Which is great that they are so open with everything thats is in their wipes, Its important that parents know what they are putting on their babies skin, after all your babies health is your main concern. More brands should do this.

I was sent two packs of baby wipes, herbal and natural. A pack of nose wipes and some antibacterial hand spray/gel. The packaging is so cute! It makes the brand stand out in the shops compared to many other baby/own brands.
The two packs of baby wipes i tried were natural and herbal (£1.60). They are designed especially for very sensitive skin, Isaac at birth had dry skin and a rash. but even if your baby doesn't have eczema or any skin complaints all baby skin is precious and sensitive as its brand new! Using these wipes i didn't find any sign of rash or irritation, so the sudorem was put away for a while. Very wet unlike a lot of wipes on the market. They left Isaac's skin super so soft. They are parabean free and organic. And as a vegetarian and a mum who ise using organic when she can this pleases me greatly. The herbal ones i'm not a fan of the scent although it does claim they are fragrance free. Its a very herbal smell as you'd expect, quite lavendery. .
The next product i tested was nose wipes (£1.99), these area great idea, i've never seen this type of product.I have only used a couple on Isaac as hes still very young and hasn't really had a bad cold yet so there have been no use for them, but they are handy for in the future, so they have been put away. Lastly anti bacterial hand gel (unknown price). Every parent needs this, its always important to clean your hands before and after you touch baby and this little tube is great for on the go. Fast drying and i love the scent! 
I'm so happy all of these products are organic they are such a great idea and i'm look forward to using more in the future. I found you can buy them in Boots, John Lewis, Tesco, Amazon and Mothercare. Or you can purchase them from their website. (link)

*These products were sent to me but all opinions are my own.

I'd love to know have you tried these wipes?

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  1. this is nice! I haven't used organic beauty products yet. This post reminds me to try buying one :D

    1. I did try removing my makeup with these and it worked really well.

  2. The packaging of these products are spot on! So fun and will stand out against any other wipes! They sound great.. i've used normal baby wipes on my hands before and they do tend to be drying! That's so great they created ones that don't cause any irritation


  3. This is interesting, I've never really heard of natural products for children or babies so it's good to know they do them!
    Amy xx

    1. Yeah they are brilliant especially for newborns.

  4. It's great that there are more organic brands coming about, and these seem perfect for a baby's delicate skin! Hand sanitiser is always a must have in my house too, and this one is really cute :) xx

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