Wednesday, 30 August 2017

August Favourites 2017

Hello darlings!

As i write this i'm watching The British Bake Off, whos watching this year?! Or is everyone boycotting it? I'm quite enjoying it, i'd like to hear your thoughts! Today's post is my August favouirtes, i'm not gonna lie i'm happy this month is coming to an end! I'm so ready for summer to be over and for Autumn to come and yes that C word, CHRISTMAS! But don't worry this post isn't a Christmas post.
I don't mention many fragrances in my favouirtes posts, i rarely try new ones. But this one had been sitting on my shelf for many months. The smell of this is gorgeous! Its a beautiful summer fragrance, it lasts such a long time, a couple of sprays fills the whole room. The main reason i've been using this so much this month is because i adopted a kitten! and his litter tray is in the house and i need something to mask the scent. 

Everyone ad their mother has tried and uses this mascara, its taken the world by storm. And i'm one of them who is obsessed, this has to be my fourth or fifth tube. Its gives me everything i want, makes my lashes long, curled, it doesn't flake or smudge, a winner all round!

I don't know if i've mentioned this highlighter in  a post before? I don't know why as this is a gorgeous stick highlighter! Its a proper wow, in your face kind of highlighter. Its very pretty ad long lasting. Definitely good for those Instagram pics!
I mentioned this liquid lipstick in my last post (link) and i raved about it! So its no surprise that it has made it into this months favourite. I'll let you check it out that post and you can read all my thoughts on it! 

No7 Day Cream: £25.00
This is the only skincare product this month. Its the No7 day cream i got in a Christmas set last year from my brother and i've only just cracked it open as i own so many face creams and moisturizers that it takes me a while to work through them!. This is just a really nice bog standard face cream, it does what t says on the tin! Its lightweight and absorbs into the skin quickly. Its smells lovely! Overall a fab face cream! 
Lastly Meet Zeus, he and Isaac are already best buddies. Of course Zeus and Isaac are included in my monthy favourites. But i will be doing a whole separate post introducing Zeus and also Isaac's six month update! Yes i can't believe he is six months old already too! So look out for those in the next week or two.

I'd love to know what are some of your August Favourites? 

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  1. That mascara looks so good!! I really want to try it xxx

  2. Aww Isaac and Zeus look so cute! I've actually never been that in the GBBO, so I rarely remember to watch it anyway. The body shop linen mist sounds lovely, will have to give it a sniff instore x

    Velvet Blush

    1. Hehe they do! I recommend that you do, they have a good range!

  3. Rimmel do some of the best mascaras I think! Plus the packaging is always super cute (I love the colour of this one!)

    1. I haven't tried many Rimmel mascaras but this Maybelline one is my fav!