Sunday, 8 February 2015

NEW Benefit Roller Lash | Perfect Fixations

Hello darlings

Today i have for you my thoughts on this little sample of Benefit's Roller Lash that i got free with Elle magazine this month. Like many of you when i heard that Elle with giving away this free sample i rushed out to buy it. I'll admit i've never tried a Benefit mascara before so i'm not sure what there other ones are like but here are my thoughts on this one. 
I hope you enjoy :)

As always i'll start with packaging, i really like it, some of Benefit's packaging can look a little cheap and tacky but this is really sleek. Looking at their website the full size tube has even cooler packaging! The wand isn't usually the type i buy, i like a thick brush not small and plastic. Nevertheless i found it really effective, it gave my lashes length as well as volume and thickness. So i was really impressive as my lashes are small horrible things that never do what i want them to do! The formula is good, i've only worn it a couple times but it didn't flake or run at all so that was great. It dried pretty quick so i didn't smudge it. 

Overall i really like it. To be honest didn't do anything more special then my normal Max Factor 2000 calorie or Collection Extreme mascara but i'm glad i tried it and it wasn't a waste of money.  
Will i go and buy it? I will definitely consider it. I did really like it. Most of Benefits mascaras retail around £17.50 so in the past i've thought them a little on the pricey side when i can get the two i mentioned before for under £7. 

I'd love to know has anyone else tried this mascara?
What are your thoughts?
Will you go and get it when its released on the 12th February?

You can buy it here on the Benefit Website



  1. I really have been meaning to buy this little sample sized one with the magazine! I love Benefit at the moment. I really like the packaging too. x x

  2. I definitely want to try this! Have seen so many people with it x

  3. Sounds like a good mascara!

  4. I love this mascara so glad i picked it up with elle ♡♥

  5. I like the packaging! I heard a lot of people say it is good, so I would consider buying it. But I'm like you, I prefer to buy the ones I know work, rather than spend £18 on the one I don't really know.

    Mary x

  6. I was really impressed with this mascara sample, although I've heard Maybelline's Lash Sensational is similar so I'm going to try that out too :)

    Style Sunrise ☀


    1. I heard that too and i really wanna try it :)