Tuesday, 17 November 2015

A Little Skin Care Haul

Hello darlings.

Today post is a skincare haul, i picked up a couple of skin care products a month or so back and i thought i'd share what i got with you guys. I haven't bought many skin care product recently as my skin has been messing me around! But i bought a couple of essentials and a couple of items to help combat my blemishes! 
Now that winter is upon us hand creams are going back into my handbag! Good Things Hand Cream (i couldn't find a link i'm sorry) i picked this hand cream up in TKMaxx a couple weeks back, i got it for (i think) £2.99. It has the most gorgeous berry scent, its fast drying and its a decent 100ml bottle/tube, that should last me for a long time!

I've never tried anything from the Botanics range before but i saw Boots were doing a sale on their Botanics range so i picked up the Cleansing Foam Wash All bright as it was one of the only items left! I have yet to use it as i'm finishing up my current cleanser but i look forward to it as i've heard good things!

The products i bought to help combat my blemishes are the Quick Fix Anti-blemish Mud Mask as i have mentioned recently i've been having a little trouble with my skin, actually thats an understatement, a lot of trouble, i'm getting outbreak after outbreak of blemishes so i've been trying anything and everything to rid of it. I'm drinking lots of water, watching my diet, not wearing as much makeup and changing my skincare routine. I also got Superdrug's own brand Deep Action Anti-blemish Stick so fingers crossed they will do something, if not then back to drug store. 

I'd love to know what skin care products are you loving at the moment?

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  1. This is helpful, I could do with a few of these myself. My skin is terrible right now!

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  2. These seem really nice! Botanics has such great products! x


    1. I've herd great things about the brand so i look forward to trying more products :)

  3. I've wanted to try some bits from Good things and a hand cream that smells like berries, yes please! :)

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  4. What a lovely little post :)
    I am currently loving the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanse and Polish and the Origins Out of Trouble mask. Both of these are defiantly worth the little splurge! They have been AWESOME at sorting out my skin! :D
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    1. Thank you :) I'll have a little look into them :)