Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Lip Of The Week #17 KIKO Luscious Cream Lipstick

Hello darlings.

Today post is my next installment of my series Lip of the Week. This week it is this KIKO lipstick that i got from my friend for my birthday :) 
This is a gorgeous deep red shade (I'm unsure of the shade name i think its just 513) its not a classic red like the Clinique one i got in my Glamour Magazine (link) but much more of an Autumn/Winter red which is great for this time of year. I'll start off with the packaging, its cool, its a silver bullet that you have to push in at the bottom and hear the click then it pops out, it took me an embarrassing amount of time trying to open it! Its creamy and really pigmented. It lasts a long time on the lips and when it fades it fades to a stain colour on your lips thats really flattering. This is the first lipstick i've tried from KIKO and i have to say so far i'm really impressed, i hope to try more from the range.

I'd love to know have you tried any KIKO lipsticks?

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  1. Love the color!

  2. I tried the KIKO smart lipsticks and liners and they are amazing, so good for the price :)

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    1. So true, i haven't tried much from KIKO yet, i hope to try more :)

  3. It looks gorgeous! Can't go wrong with a classic red this season :)
    - Ambar x