Saturday, 9 January 2016

Disappointing Products #2

Hello darlings.

Continuing with a series i started last year (link) today's post is the second installment of my disappointing products. As i mentioned last time most of these products that i haven't liked are ones that i've liked other products from the range but this particular product i didn't like. However what doesn't work/what i don't like might not be the case for you. These products are either not what i was expecting or wasn't very good quality so here is my little summary of them, i hope you enjoy :) 
I'll start off with the two nail polish that sadly haven't been what i was expecting and hoping for. First up is the Illamasqua Nail Polish, in Scarab, i picked this up in TKMaxx a couple months back, i bought it to wear on Christmas day as it looked a little bit fancy and special. The colour is beautiful and the application was smooth, the problem came afterwards within about 4 hours it had chipped! It continued to chip and by day 3 i had only half nail polish on my nails. Again similar with the Illamasqua nail polish this Max Factor Gel Shine Lacquer in Sheen Merlot i had the same problem, although its a gorgeous shade it chips so fast! I haven't tried any other Max Factor or Illamasqua nail polishes so i don't know if its just the ones i have that chips so badly, but i am in two minds whether to try more. 
Next up is the E.L.F Warm Bronzer. I love e.l.f and i was so excited when i bought this palette a year or so ago when i went to visit their store in Cardiff but i was so disappointed, i think this is the product that makes me the saddest in this post. The product isn't creamy, it is really powdery as you can see by the swatches. The pay off isn't great for the blush, its actually non existence, which sucks as its a perfect subtle rose shade that i was planning to use a my everyday blusher. The highlight is too powdery, the bronzers too orange and the pigmentation is weak. 
Lastly the Rimmel Eye Shadow Quad in Foggy Grey. This Rimmel quad i bought to do my one brad of makeup look (link) and at first i really liked it, it did the job and created a nice look. Swatched the shades don't look too bad but when you use a brush the pigmentation is poor and they aren't very creamy. Its not the worst eye shadows i've ever used but when you can get MUA and Makeup Revolution for the same price and for less money too its no comparison. I've heard the individual Rimmel eye shadows are fantastic so maybe i will pick up one of those. 

I'd love to know have you tried any of these products?
How did you make them work for you?
Are there any products that have disappointed you? 

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  1. Now I know why there are always so many Illmamasqua polishes in TKMaxx, they must be selling them off. It's a real shame that it chips so badly as they're not even cheap in TKmaxx :)

    Velvet Blush

    1. Yeah it is, especially when they look so beautiful.

  2. Urg the elf swatches look awful, that's such a shame as some of their products are actually quite good. I hate feeling like you've wasted your money. Thanks for sharing.

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

    1. You're welcome sweetie, thanks for reading :) I have the e.l.f eyelid primer and a mascara that i really like, its a shame that this product wasn't so good.