Saturday, 1 October 2016

The pregnancy diaries #1 19 weeks

Hello darlings.

I didn't intend to make my first entry at 19 weeks i planned to start writing this series from the moment i found out i was having a baby. I really wanted to document everything that was happening to me so i could look back on them in the future if i ever had another child and also to talk to other mums. But that didn't go to plan. I've felt so tired and unmotivated to do anything which sadly includes blogging. But i'm giving it a go as i do miss it and i've noticed its been a month since i wrote a post, which is crazy as i normally write a couple a week! Anyway i thought i'd do a quick recap on the things that have happened in my first trimester and what happening now in my second.
(My bump snapchat picture so its not the highest quality.) 

First trimester:

  • First off i suffered with terrible morning sickness, i don't know why they call it morning sickness when its all day sickness, i had it for about 10 weeks all day everyday. I hated the smell of everything enough the scent of my boyfriend would make me sick, sorry Will <3
  • Not only did i have sickness i was always tired, i had no energy or motivation to do thing which included blogging, going to work or even just popping out to buy milk.
  • Acne, my skin has suffered terribly in my first trimester, not only was my face covered in spots but my chest stated to get covered too, which sucks. 

Second trimester

  • My second trimester is a little better, i feel a little more like myself. I'm still suffering from tiredness, i have no energy to do things, i'm sleeping a lot more during the day and i'm normally in bed by 9pm. Again no motivation to do anything. 
  • My morning sickness is still here but i'm not sick everyday anymore which is great but little things still set it off. 
  • Heartburn is a new thing i'm experiencing which i've never really suffered from before ad its really annoying.
  • My hormones are not too bad at present but i am more short tempered and cry more easily so maybe they are a little our of wack!
  • Dry lips, this is a random one i don't know if its pregnancy related or weather. 
  • Finally kicks! They feel like little pokes (and sometimes very big pokes!) Unfortunately Will can't feel them on the outside yet, but hopefully that will come as the baby gets bigger. Even as i write this post the little one is kicking away! This is the most exciting past of the second trimester. 

On Monday 10th October we have our 20 week scan and hopefully we'll find out the gender.
I just thought i'd update you guys and let you know me and baby are fine. Hopefully i'll get some inspiration and motivation back to write some more posts!

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