Friday, 31 March 2017

March favourites // 2017

 Hello darlings.

Its been a while since i wrote a monthly favourites so i thought i'd write a quick one. I've been loving quite a few products this month some new products and a few oldies but goodies. 
This was the first ever Mac product i bought, it will always be my favourite and hold a special place for me. Its the perfect shade for everyday. And being a new mum i have little time to get ready in the morning so its quick and easy to wear and i know it suits me.
Maybelline Satin Foundation
This is a new foundation for me, i ran out of my favourite Maybelline 'better than skin foundation' just after Christmas and i popped into Superdrug and they weren't selling it anymore so i picked up this one. I love it, its the perfect colour match, doesn't highlight my dry patches and it really does give a satin finish. Maybelline really do they best foundations! 
I've mentioned this product before in my monthly favourites, this foot cream works miracles! I put a thick layer on in the evening and put my feet in fluffy socks. Then just before bed the cream is all absorbed and my feet are super soft. I know some people put it on before bed but i hate the feeling of wearing socks in bed. I've nearly run out of this tube so i will definitely be repurchasing this soon.
As you know i have recently become a mum and with that my stomach and thighs are COVERED in stretch marks. Although i used bio oil and moisturized daily during pregnancy it wasn't enough to prevent them. So now its my mission to turn them white and fade them before summer.
My boyfriend Will bought me this perfume Christmas 2015 and i've only rediscovered it recently. Its a gorgeous scent, i'm so bad at describing smells, But trust me if you see a tester in Boots/Superdrug/Debenhams etc then give it a try!

And lastly of course my baby boy Isaac, i love being a mummy and i'm so in love with him! How could he not be my favourite?!

I'd love to know what are your March favourites?

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