Thursday, 27 July 2017

My Current Favourites // July 2017

Hello darlings!

Can you believe it is already the end of July! What? Where is this year going? I can't believe Isaac is now 5 months old. I haven't done a favourites post for a while as i feel i'm not using enough different products month to month to fill a post and to make it worth reading and i don't want to just put products in a post for the sake of making a post. So i'm just going to do them when i feel like i have something i really want to share with you guys.
Botanic Eye Serum: i reviewed this in my previous post (link) this has been my favourite skincare product this month, i haven't put it down! I use it in the morning before i put on my makeup, i have always found putting a eye cream under on before your concealer it make sit last longer. I also put a lot of before i go to bed, i really smoother it on! The product is great for reducing my dark circles and frown lines, its one of new holy grails. 

Calvin Klein Lipstick in 'Undressed': this is one of the best everyday lipstick i own and it feel a little special as its a high end one that i got form less than £4, to find out how (post). The packing is so cute, i love the feel of it, it feels expensive. The product smells wonderful, like Mac lipsticks but stronger. Its pigmented and glides on the lips beautifully. I think this will definitely be making it into a lip of the week soon, so look out for that one! 

Makeup Revolution Contour Palette: Who doesn't own some sort of contour palette from Makeup Revolution? They are so amazing, you can see i've already hit pan on the highlighter shade. I wear the highlight daily, i provides quite a strong highlight so you might not like it if you prefer more subtle sheen. I try to wear a light contour as much as i can but lets be honest who has time, especially with a 5 month old, can i get an amen from the mummy bloggers out there....

Nuxe Rev De MielThis is a luxury lip balm, its so creamy and smells wonderful, like oranges, mmm just thinking about it makes me want to put it on. I wouldn't recommend wearing this as a everyday product, its more of a mask that is best applied at night or as a treat during a pamper day/evening.  
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I'd love to know have you tired any of these products?
What are some  of you July Favourites?


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  1. The Nuxe lip balm was honestly one of the best products I brought, it actually makes a huge different to dry lips. My July favourites have been the technic lipstick in be my baby, and also the Rimmel scandaleyes liners, they're great for adding a bit of colour in the Summer x

    Velvet Blush

    1. Same here, the Nuxe lip product is so good! Well worth the money! I love the Rimmel liners!

  2. That Calvin Klein lipstick looks gorgeous! I love it xxx

  3. That contour palette looks fabbbb! It feels like ages since I've bought anything fro Makeup Revolution and I really want to go on a big spree soon

    Steph -

    1. Its the best contour palette i've tried! I do really like the brand :)