Tuesday, 6 February 2018

My Winter Essentials 2018

Hello darlings.

How is it February already? I know everyone is saying that January dragged but i thought it went really fast! Am i the only one? Today's post is a little overdue considering its February and will be spring soon, but hey ho better late than never. It is my winter essentials, but writing it now i can show what products got me through the winter and are true survival items. I hope you enjoy!

Garnier Summer Body, Gradual Tanner. (£5.49) In the winter i'm so pale, i have to admit i'm not much of a fake tanner, i sometimes get a little tan in the summer but i never use sun beds or spray tans or fake tans. But i have loved this gradual tanner throughout this winter. It was simple and easy to use, fool proof i'd say. It gave me a natural tan without looking like i suddenly went on holiday or orange. 

Zoella Hand Cream, (full size £6.95) I got this hand cream in a Christmas set last year, i don't own any Zoella products. This was the first one i tried and so far i'm really pleased with it. I put on a little before i go to bed or before i paint my nails, it leaves my hands moisturized and super soft. Plus the packaging is very sweet.
Botanics Hydrating Face Serum: (Discounted but a similar product link) My face is combination-dry and especially dry in the winter, so i need all the moisture i can get. I don't like a heavy moisturizer, i find they give me spots if its too greasy or take ages to absorb into the skin. I love this Botancis light serum, its perfect to wear under makeup or  put on before before, its absorbs quickly, and my skin feels super hydrated afterwards,

Superdrug Salted Caramel Bake Soak/Bubble Bath: (£2.29). Who doesn't love a good hot bubble bath in Winter? I know i love them, perfect to relax after a long cold day. I love this is Superdrug bubble bath in the scent salted caramel, its smells so yummy and fills the whole bathroom with its scent. There are loads of different scents in the line so i must go back and try more! 

Max Factor Marilyn Monroe Lipstick: (7.99) Now finally makeup, i love a good red lip in the winter, as i think everyone does. Its just screams winter to me, and really puts me in the mood. This year i've especially loved this Max Factor Marilyn Monroe lipstick in the shade Ruby Red. It is such a beautiful colour, pigmented and very creamy, perfect for those dry lips in this weather. 

Anastasia Modern Renascence Palette: (£43.00) Lastly my current holy grail palette, Will bought me this for my birthday last year in November and i've used it pretty much everyday ever since, its so good! Its got a beautiful selection of mattes, shimmers, neutrals and colors. Perfect autumnal selection of colours, with the warm browns and deep pinks. 

I'd love to know what are some of your winter favourites?

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  1. That lipstick is perfect for winter, I love the color! xxx